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Highly Reliable Snake Control Services

Don’t let snakes scare you away from enjoying quality time on your property—leverage local snake control services to keep them at bay.
If you are wondering what to do about snakes? Then it’s time to have a wildlife control company keep snakes off of your property.

An Inspection Will Uncover Snake Nesting Grounds

You don’t have to keep living with wildlife you don’t want on your property. This is especially true for snakes. Snakes are problematic whether they are venomous or not because both types of snakes can bite you. Not only can snakes bite, but they also contaminate your home with salmonella bacteria. Because of this, we suggest an immediate inspection to identify where they are nesting on your property.

Snakes will slither around your yard and find places to take nests if you don’t act soon and schedule an inspection. Before you know it, you have an infestation on your hands.

Don’t let it come to this. To keep yourself and your family safe, hire OMNIS Pest Control to come to perform an inspection on your property.

snakes between rocks on property

DIY Snake Removal vs. Snake Control Services

It would be best if you didn’t attempt to remove snakes from your property without the proper knowledge and equipment. There are specific techniques that are best for capturing and removing snakes. If you don’t know them, you may unnecessarily put yourself in harm’s way. OMNIS provides timely snake removal services in the Colorado area. We’ll take steps to remove snakes from your property and ensure that they don’t return in the future.

Do-it-yourself snake removal is far less effective, usually with different scents, so why even bother? Trying to do the job alone will likely only lead to more headaches.

We know snake removal is an ongoing battle, so we’ll return to keep your home and yard completely clean. To get started, schedule a free inspection with our snake control services today.

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Removing Snakes Humanely

Our snake control services are all carried out ethically and humanely. We prioritize your safety as well as the animal’s safety. We focus on capturing the snake without harming it while ensuring no damage happens on your property. Many snakes are protected species, so this is incredibly important.

Once we’ve captured a snake, we take it to a more appropriate area and then release it into nature. This is a win-win for you, the homeowner, and the natural ecosystem.

Identifying Colorado Snakes

According to the Colorado Herpetological Society, 25 varieties of snakes live in Colorado. Some of these species are dangerous, while others, not so much. For example, the Western Massasauga and Midget Faded Rattle Snakes are venomous, making them inherently harmful to humans and pets. Others are non-venomous species that are more just a nuisance. Regardless, all intruding snakes warrant a call to snake control services.

If you don’t know a lot about wildlife, trying to identify the snakes on your property may be nearly impossible. Yet, if you don’t know what type of snake you are dealing with, you can never be sure it isn’t venomous. Therefore, we suggest that you don’t take the risk. Instead of waiting to find out whether a snake is malicious or not, call OMNIS Pest Control to remove them today.

Keep Snakes Away Proactively

Let’s face it, encountering a snake in your yard or your home can be shocking. At that moment, the average homeowner can’t be sure whether the snake is venomous or not. This is worrisome because a snake bite can be painful and, at times, fatal. While most snakes may be non-aggressive and non-venomous, they still can pose a threat to your safety.
To limit your encounters with snakes, we suggest you take the following steps after calling snake control services:

call OMNIS to remove rattlesnakes

1. Clean your lawn and trim your grass

Snakes love warm, moist areas. They like them even more if there is a source of food nearby. If your lawn is dirty and unkempt, rodents may start taking refuge there. This is perfect for snakes because they are much higher on the food chain.

To discourage snake populations, keep your grass cut and clean. This way, neither snakes nor rodents will have anywhere to hide.

2. Clean up yard debris

First, snakes like tall grass a lot, but they also enjoy living in yard debris. Snakes will easily make those areas their homes if you have woodpiles, like fallen branches or limbs. If you are confident that snakes live in a pile of debris in your yard, call the experts to deal with it. Doing it on your own could lead to trouble.

3. Eliminate moisture

Water is a typical draw for household pests. By removing excess moisture from your property, you can keep pests like snakes away. To do this, keep an eye out for puddles, blocked gutters, and leaking pipes.

4. Apply mulch

Sharp materials are a huge deterrent to snakes. However, if you want to keep snakes out for the foreseeable future, mulch will be helpful in your efforts. Rock chips, crushed pine cones, and thick, chopped wood can all contribute positively to your anti-snake mulch. Be warned, though; this isn’t a complete solution—snakes can and will still slither over sharp mulch.

5. Seal possible entryways

If snakes find a way into your home, they are likely to come in. Keep them out by sealing potential entryways. Can’t find the entrances we’re talking about? Have the pros do it. OMNIS Pest Control’s snake control services can identify all of the snake hotspots in and around your home.

What Tools Do Snake Control Services Use?

Snake control services use a range of helpful snake-catching tools. These tools limit contact with the snakes as we capture them. Each device has different advantages and drawbacks, though all of them are better than using your bare hands.

3 snake removal tools include:

  • Snake tongs – These tongs have a grip that, when pressure is applied, causes two prongs to come together. We use snake tongs to pick up snakes from a reasonable distance.
  • Snake bags – These are long bags that have a handle on them. You can use the handle to position the bag in hopes that the snake will simply slither in. Once you pick up the bag, the snake will fall into it and be immobile.
  • Snake hooks – Snake hooks are long-range hooks that are useful for handling aggressive, venomous, and wild snakes. They allow controlling and capturing at a safe distance.

In a professional’s hands, all these tools get used safely and humanely. Call OMNIS Pest Control today to learn what might be appropriate for dealing with your snake problem.

professional snake control removal

Safe, Humane Snake Control Services

OMNIS Pest Control is a leading provider of snake control services in Colorado. We’ll handle your snake problem swiftly and with care. To learn more about snakes and snake removal, please give us a call now. We’re available at 720-583-4126

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