Castle Rock ant control services

Castle Rock Ant Control

The city of Castle Rock, Colorado, has an excellent reputation as a place with a thriving economy, outstanding schools, and one of the safest locations in the state. Yet, for all its incredible advantages, even this beautiful city has a group of persistent pests: ants. For help with these annoying invaders, the city’s residents turn to OMNIS experts for pest control in Castle Rock. And for this specific pest, they prefer OMNIS for professional Castle Rock ant control.

It All Starts With Identifying the Ant

At OMNIS, we begin your pest control service with an inspection. This thorough assessment of your ant problem includes determining which types of ants you have on your property. In Castle Rock, ants in the home fall into various kinds.

pavement ants inside anthill

Pavement Ants

Like other types of ants in Colorado, pavement ants live primarily outside. The problem begins when they come indoors to forage for food. Pavement ants recently spread to Colorado; now experts recognize them as the most common ants in most of this state.

Ants of this type are tiny, only about 1/10 to 1/16-inch long. They place small mounds of dirt where they enter their nests, located under rocks or pavement. They look for protein foods when raising their young but prefer sugars the rest of the time. More about Pavement Ant Control.

field ants communicating

Field Ants

Field ants usually live in gardens and yards. These ants have a medium size, about 3/16 to 1/3-inch long. They make nests in loose soil or even create mounds made with twigs and other plant matter outside. Outdoors, they would cause a tiny problem or nuisance. However, field ants come inside Castle Rock homes during the spring. As the weather warms up and the ants get back to their regular activities, they need to forage for food. Unfortunately, the cool weather prevents them from finding food in the yard. Therefore, they come into your home to search for it. More about Field Ant Control.
carpenter ants will destroy Castle Rock homes

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants present a severe threat to your home and possessions. Although they do not eat wood, chewing through it can cause extensive damage. These ants have a large size, between ¼ and 3/8 inches long. They make their nests in wood indoors and return to an outdoor nest after they forage for food inside your home. They usually eat dead insects and honeydew. More about Carpenter Ant Control.

odorous house ant in garden

Odorous House Ants

You might recognize odorous house ants by the rancid butter smell they emit when you crush them. Other than that, you might notice their small 1/10-inch size or their deep black color. These ants nest outdoors but come inside to look for foods, including fruit, pastries, cooked vegetables, and anything sweet. More about Odorous House Ant Control.

pharaoh ants on wood

Pharaoh Ants

About 1/12 inch long, the Pharoah ant has a light-brown color. Unlike most other ants, it nests in buildings, spreading rapidly throughout the entire structure. Pharoah ants love many foods that humans do, such as syrup, jelly, cake, and greasy foods. Plus, they also eat pet food, which is why we use the safest ant control Castle Rock offers. More about Pharaoh Ant Control.

cornfield ant colony with large queen

Cornfield Ants

Cornfield ants come inside homes less often than other ants. Their appearance is light to medium brown in color and about 1/8 inch in size. The good news is that these ants nest outside. They only come into homes occasionally to forage for sweets. It’s best to keep them outside. Please request a preventive barrier treatment for the best cornfield ant control in the Castle Rock area.

Treatments For Your Property

Many people start out trying to get rid of ants with self-help ant control methods. While these techniques help, they don’t permanently eliminate a large infestation. In those cases, a professional ant control company in Castle Rock can provide more effective solutions.

Cutting Down the Ant Population Outdoors

OMNIS Castle Rock ant control agents often begin treatment by applying insecticides to the areas of your yard and garden where ants live. Although you may find ant insecticides made for consumers, we have access to more potent products. In addition, we have the expertise to apply them safely. Then, with fewer ants outside, fewer ants get inside your home. More on how to get rid of ants.

Creating a Barrier Around Your Home

At OMNIS, we have a deep understanding of ants and ant control. Therefore, we can use insecticides to create a barrier around the perimeter of your home. Our team members work carefully and diligently to ensure no gaps or paths where ants can enter your dwelling. So, even though some ants remain outside, they cannot get indoors.

ant control spray along house and yard

Indoor Spot Treatments for Foragers

Most homeowners who notice ants in their homes start with ant sprays and other spot treatments. Spraying offers an easy, short-term solution when a few ants come into your home. However, these insecticides perform worse each time you use them. Besides, ants avoid the places where you already sprayed. Also, you should not use sprays anywhere near where you have placed ant bait traps.


Baits to Eliminate Colonies

Baits offer the most effective treatment for large ant colonies that live or forage in homes. The bait consists of an insecticide and some type of food. The ants who happen upon these traps bring home the mixture to their nest. There, other ants also eat it, and the entire colony eventually dies. Bait traps take longer, but the benefits outweigh this slight disadvantage.

Many people buy ant bait traps or make their own using a mixture of boric acid and food. However, our Castle Rock ant control professionals can place bait traps with the most effective insecticides. Since each type of ant has different susceptibility to toxins, we choose the kind of bait based on the type of ant. With our customized treatments, we eliminate your ant infestation for the long term.

How to Prevent Ant Problems

Once we get rid of your ants, we help you create a strategy for preventing their return with them with IPM.

First, you need to take steps to keep them out. These include using caulk or other sealants to eliminate cracks, crevices, and gaps where ants might enter. Look around doors, windows, and pipes.

Second, you need to deny them food and water. Immediately clean up any water or liquid that spills and repair any leaks as soon as you find them. Sweep up crumbs, put snacks away in airtight containers, and avoid letting pet food sit out.

When to Seek the Ant Removal Experts

First, you do not need to panic at the first lone ant sighting. You might have no problems getting rid of a few tiny ants. But, on the other hand, if you see many ants or they keep coming back, you need professional Castle Rock ant control. At OMNIS, we use the latest techniques and years of experience to provide long-term ant control solutions. Contact our agents for more information and set up a service call today.

side of an ant