How to Get Rid of Ants

It might not seem like it when they crawl all over your feet, but most ants are pretty beneficial. For example, leaves and other insects hauled into the ant’s nest help to fertilize surrounding vegetation. Further, ants serve as decomposers and feed on organic waste. This said, when you have ants where you don’t want them, they can be quite a nuisance. So, how do you get rid of ants?

Eliminate the entry points the ants use to get in your home 

If you have ants in your house or somewhere else you don’t want them, you need to eliminate the ants’ entry points. Treat doors and windows by doing the following:

  • Seal and caulk edges
  • Keep the landscaping around the house trimmed back from any exterior walls
  • Do not stack up firewood against the home’s exterior
  • Keep your lawn watered and trimmed, free of bare patches
ant control for backyard leading to kitchen
get rid of ants with a spray bottle and some household items

10 Methods To Get Rid Of Ants In Or Around Your Home

Now that you have eliminated the common ways that ants can get into your home, you can take the next step. Many homeowners like to try home remedies to get ants out of the house. In particular, the following strategies can be highly successful in ridding your home of these tiny insects.


  1. Mix glass cleaner and liquid dish detergent and spray areas where ants congregate
  2. Sprinkle black pepper or cayenne pepper as an ant deterrent
  3. Mix 10 to 20 drops of peppermint essential oil with two cups of water and spray the combination around the baseboards and windows of your home
  4. Mix five to ten drops of tea tree oil with two cups of water and use it as a spray to spray the areas where ants tend to frequent
  5. Saturate a cotton ball with undiluted lemon eucalyptus oil and place them in areas where ants are seen – do not leave the oiled cotton balls in areas where pets or small children can access
  6. Saturate a cotton ball with cinnamon leaf essential oil and place it in areas where ants have been seen – as with the eucalyptus oil strategy, do not leave the oiled cotton balls in areas where pets or small children can access
  7. If you see ants, use a 50-50 vinegar and water solution to wipe them up
  8. Pour boiling water into exterior ant holes near your home – this method will not kill off the entire colony, so you may need to repeat it periodically
  9. Use cornstarch to smother a group of ants and then vacuum them up instead of using water
  10. Brew some coffee and then sprinkle the brewed grounds on disposable surfaces to attract ants – wipe up with a paper towel and discard

Call Omnis when your home remedies aren’t getting rid of the ants

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the ants will win. But, that doesn’t mean that their victory needs to last. If the ants have become too much to deal with, Omnis Pest Control is ready to help. The Omnis team will help you tackle your pesky ant problem by doing the following:



  • Determining the type of ants that you have
  • Matching the ants to the most effective bait
  • Finding ant nests wherever they might be
  • Identifying the ants’ point of entry
  • Identifying and eliminating other pests in your home that are attracting (and feeding on) the ants

So, if you have an ant problem and need some help, the Omnis team is at the ready. Contact us at OMNIS Pest Control. Our cutting-edge pest control techniques and equipment will rid your home of ants, letting you live in peace. We guarantee satisfaction, so you can be confident that your ant problem is taken care of.

OMNIS gets rid of ants