Castle Rock Bird Control

Movies and TV shows commonly depict peaceful mornings waking up to the soft twittering of songbirds. However, in real life, birds cause much bigger headaches than just being an unwanted alarm clock. With over 500 species of birds calling Colorado home, Castle Rock bird control is essential for all homeowners. When birds become a nuisance, it isn’t just about the noise. They cause damage to roofs, leave droppings all over, and even transmit diseases.

Common Birds In Castle Rock

Much of the damage caused by birds to homes and property comes from the same common bird species. Woodpeckers and pigeons are among the most significant nuisances. However, other birds, such as finches, sparrows, and the Northern Flicker, also require Castle Rock bird control.

woodpecker getting insects out of hole in tree

The Woodpecker Family

Perhaps one of the most destructive birds to homes and yards is the woodpecker. These birds range in size and shape from the small Downy Woodpecker at 6 ¾ inches long to the less common Red-bellied Woodpecker at 9 ½ inches long. A majority of woodpeckers are in various patterns of black, white, and red. Woodpeckers use their strong beaks to drill into trees in search of insects to eat. But, they don’t just stick to trees. They will create holes in siding, eaves, and roofs, making Castle Rock bird control crucial to prevent damage to your home. A fun fact about woodpeckers; their tongue is twice the length of most birds. When not in use, it curls around the back of their skull, adding a layer of protection to their brain when drilling into wood.

Northern Flicker nesting inside tree

The Northern Flicker

The Northern Flicker is also a member of the woodpecker family. These birds are more colorful than other woodpeckers. They are roughly 12 ½ inches long with bodies of browns and greys. They have black spots throughout their bellies with red or yellow accents. While they belong to the woodpecker family, these birds primarily feed on ants and beetles, spending most of their foraging time on the ground. However, they drum on wood and sometimes metal to communicate and guard their territory.

Mourning Dove nest professional help removing when they are gone

Pigeons & Doves

Pigeons and their smaller relatives, doves, are common in most of the United States. These birds travel in flocks and are very peaceful birds. Yet, they still pose a risk to homes and families. Suppose a flock of pigeons or doves takes up residence in your home, garage, or property. In that case, you will have many droppings throughout their nesting site. In addition to being a mess to clean up, bird waste can transmit several diseases. It is time for Castle Rock bird control if you see pigeons or doves frequenting your yard.

songbird on the windowsill how to keep them away

Finches, Sparrows, & Other Songbirds

While songbirds don’t drum holes into your siding or roost in large numbers in rafters, they do build their nests in inconvenient locations. As their young grow, the nest’s area becomes littered with droppings. Additionally, some species, such as the European starling, are territorial. They will not only drive away native birds but become aggressive towards humans when guarding their nests.

At Home Castle Rock Bird Control

When you find you are struggling with Castle Rock bird control, there are a few DIY bird control methods to take, beginning with prevention measures. Removing food and nesting sources will make your property less desirable. Trim and remove dead branches and trees to eliminate prime woodpecker feeding grounds. Also, remove food sources such as bird feeders and suet.

DIY Castle Rock Bird Control

When removing food and nesting sites isn’t enough, the following methods of Castle Rock bird control will help keep birds away.

Bird Spikes

These spikes are attached to rafters, windowsills, roofs, and any other place birds will roost. Bird spikes are simple to install and are particularly helpful when battling birds that travel in flocks, such as pigeons and crows.

Shiny Yard Ornaments

Shiny objects deter birds from entering your yard. When the sun reflects off the surface, primarily if movement also occurs, it frightens birds keeping them away. Simple objects such as foil and old CDs are effective deterrents.

Noise Deterrents

So, what noises scare birds away? Windchimes are an effective short-term solution to Castle Rock bird control. When new, the birds will be kept at bay by the sounds they produce. However, they often return once the birds recognize that the chimes are not a threat. Usually, high-frequency, ultrasonic sounds are a more long-lasting choice.

add wind chimes to your porch to scare birds away

Professional Castle Rock Bird Control

There is no permanent fix to keep birds away from your home and yard for good. But, many Castle Rock bird control tactics will help minimize the number of birds and any potential damage. You will get the most effective results by utilizing professional help when battling nuisance birds. Professional bird control experts have the knowledge and tools to reduce the bird population while ensuring your home doesn’t lose its charm or curb appeal.

OMNIS Pest Control removing bird nests so you don't have to

OMNIS Pest Control – Your Local Experts

The professional technicians at OMNIS Pest Control have experience in identifying nuisance species. Once identified, we will review your home and property to locate potential problem areas. Finally, we will tailor and put in place a plan to deter birds from your property. We pride ourselves in treating you and your home like part of the family. So, for friendly and effective Castle Rock bird control, contact OMNIS Pest Control today!