DIY Bird Control Methods

For some, the sound of a bird happily chirping away in the morning can be delightful. For others, that sound might seem similar to nails on a chalkboard. But even more so, some birds can cause property damage. After all, it isn’t uncommon for birds to hang out in soffits, nest into your barbeque grill, or create a mess in the most inopportune of places. For these reasons, many homeowners seek DIY bird control methods to keep the birds away. But what noises will successfully scare birds away? And when the noises don’t work, what else can you do?

4 DIY Sounds to Scare Birds Away Successfully

Though there are noises that will help keep birds away, it is essential to remember that birds are intelligent creatures. This means that they will not be scared away by methods or sounds that they know are not harmful to them. This said, there are many strategies you can try. Unfortunately, as much as birds are intelligent, they are finicky and easily frightened animals.

DIY bottle windchimes to scare birds away

1. Windchimes

Windchimes will work to help keep birds away. But, you must realize that this strategy will not last forever. As we said before, birds are intelligent. So, just because the sound of a windchime scares them away at first, eventually, the birds will figure out that the windchime is not harmful to them. This makes windchimes effective as a short-term strategy only.

whistles are loud noise makers to scare birds away

2. Noisemakers

Though it might take a bit more manual effort, noisemakers of various forms can be an effective way to scare birds away. For example, banging pots and pans together, whistling loudly or blowing a lifeguard whistle, or even clapping your hands, can help send birds scattering in the other direction. But, the effectiveness of these manual efforts will vary based on the type of bird.

3.	High-frequency sound to keep bird away DIY

3. High-frequency sounds

There are many types of ultrasonic bird-repellent systems available on the market. These devices produce high-frequency sounds that humans rarely hear. Ultrasonic frequencies are those exceeding 20,000 Hz or cycles per second (cps). These devices have frequencies that hone in on a specific type of bird. And you can rest assured that using these devices will not harm the bird or other animals. These devices can be left on for extended periods and effectively drive birds out of your yard.

yellow outdoor speaker play predator sounds to scare away birds

4. Predator recordings

Another way to scare birds away is to play the sounds of their predators. This strategy goes right at the birds’ instincts. You can purchase recorded bird-distress calls that are either separate from or combined with predator bird calls. When a bird hears these sounds, it will naturally want to flee away from the area.

When the Noises Just Won’t Cut It

Often, the best way to scare birds away is to use a combination approach. So, in addition to trying one of the noise tactics, be sure that you have physical objects present that will help intimidate birds and keep them out of your yard. Some of the best things include the following:

shiny DIY beads to hang in garden keeps birds away

1. Shiny objects 

Shiny, reflective objects make excellent deterrents for pesky birds. When light reflects off of these objects, it discourages the bird from returning. The best things include tin foil strips, metallic wrapping paper, or old CDs or aluminum cans. Of course, the key is finding something reflective to keep the birds away that doesn’t distract from your home’s curb appeal.

garden ball to scare away birds

2. Garden balls 

Along the same lines as shiny, reflective objects, lawn or garden balls are not only decorative but work well in keeping the birds away. These colorful balls are placed in your garden or hung from the trees in your yard. You can even mount them to fence posts or a stand. Birds frequently confuse these spherical orbs with the eyes of a predator and seek to avoid them.

outdoor cat keeping birds away by laying in the birdbath

3. Predators

One of the best ways to keep the birds away is through the presence of a pet in your home. Most birds will be naturally scared of cats or dogs that roam in your yard or around your home. But, if you aren’t thinking you want to run out and adopt a new pet to join your family, have no fear. There are other options. Predators can be made out of wood, metal, or other material and can be designed to look like the creature that the bird is scared of. Try an owl sculpture – you may be surprised how well it helps scare birds away.

install bird spikes and keep bird gone

4. Bird Spikes 

These long, needle-like rods can be effective for a DIY bird control method. Bird spikes are usually made of tin or plastic and are placed in the dirt. You can also attach them with wire to your window sill or the overhang of your house. Birds find these spikes uncomfortable and, thus, won’t land on them.

Call OMNIS Pest Control When the DIY Bird Control Methods Aren’t Enough

If you have tried all other methods of scaring away the birds, or you are just at your wit’s end, now is the time to give OMNIS Pest Control a call. OMNIS Pest Control is a Castle Rock, CO-based pest control company serving homeowners and businesses in the Colorado area. Please fill out our contact form to learn more about how we can help you with birds control your property. You can also reach us at 720-583-4126.

keep mourning doves away with diy help