3 Sounds that Scare Birds

Thankfully, several sounds will help scare birds away. Unfortunately, not all birds will be afraid of the same sound, and though you might be compelled to sound off some firecrackers to get the birds to scatter, your neighbors might not appreciate the cacophony. This means that if you are trying to disinvite a noisy winged creature that has made a nearby branch their place to belt out a tune at dawn, you might need to try a few strategies before you find one that works.

sound device
outdoor speaker ongoing noise to scare birds away

plastic owl with screeching noises to scares birds away

High-frequency, ultrasonic sounds 

One of the best sounds to get birds to scatter (and perhaps not to return) are synthetic sounds such as high-frequency, ultrasonic sounds. If you add in a frightening visual object such as an owl statue or scarecrow with shimmering tassels, the strategy becomes all that much more effective.

Ultrasonic bird repellers

First, these modern devices create high-frequency sounds that humans can’t hear, but birds certainly can. Also, an ultrasonic device will have a frequency that targets a specific animal or bird without creating harm to other animals in the process. You can usually purchase these devices at farm and fleet stores, hunting and firearms stores, or online.

Sonic bird repellers

Again, setting off some firecrackers will set a bird and their chipper neighbors on their way to another tree. But, your neighbors might not appreciate that same wake-up call. Thus, a sonic bird repeller may be a better choice to produce a range of noises to scare birds. In addition, many sonic bird repellers can recreate unwanted bird sounds such as distress cries from natural birds, synthetic bird and predator sounds, and various ultrasonic waves. These scary sounds ensure birds do not get used to a single sound.

when birds are not scared of noises

When the Noises Just Won’t Cut It

Suppose you have tried various audible strategies and repellents to scare away the birds, and it just isn’t effective. Some of the best bird control methods in Colorado include:

scare birds away with spikes on rook

Bird Netting

If put in a careful place you can hang some nets to keep birds from reaching certain places. This said, covering your entire yard in a net might not be aesthetically pleasing to those looking at your home (or those trying to look out a window from the inside).


Similar to nets, wires are a great way to keep birds from nesting within your property. You might have to spend some time studying where the birds like to congregate so that you can string the wires in the appropriate places.

Bird spikes

These spikes can be effective in keeping birds from landing in certain areas. However, it is probably apparent here that a bird spike won’t be able to keep a bird from landing on the tree branch outside your bedroom window.

Call Omnis When Birds Aren’t Scared Away by Your Noise Repellents

If you have a struggle with the strategies above and necessary relaxation time due to some noisy whistling birds, you’ll benefit from a free inspection. Wildlife pest control services, include bird control services and other wildlife so that you don’t have to worry about further annoyances. OMNIS pest control has multiple solutions that you can rely on to keep your home pest-free and quiet.