Bat Removal Near Me and Other Bat Control Services

When you see bats on the silver screen, they usually bring an “evil” aesthetic with them. Yet, bats rarely cause harm to humans intentionally. Still, these animals are a major nuisance and sometimes quite dangerous. Therefore, anyone with bats living on their property should consider searching again for “bat removal near me.”
It may be easy to ignore bats at first, but as time goes on, the mess they make and the noise they cause become more and more of a nuisance. Additionally, nobody wants to live their life in constant fear of getting bitten by one and turning into a vam… I mean getting rabies. To end your bat problems, reach out to OMNIS Pest Control to schedule an inspection today.

Common Issues Solved by Bat Removal Near Me

Are you wondering why you should have bats removed from your property? Well, the primary reason is that they bite people. Stemming from that, you should worry about the fact that bats carry harmful diseases. These diseases spread through bites and other substances that come from bats. 

These are some reasons why you may need bat removal near me:

Bats Do Bite People

While bats do not go out of their way to bite humans unprovoked, they do have very sharp teeth that penetrate human skin easily. These teeth are usually small, but some species have large teeth that cause more damage. Generally, this is the main reason you should never handle wild bats. A bite could also lead to a rabies infection, which may be fatal.

Bats spread disease

Bats carry a range of bacterial and viral microbes. Some of these microbes harm humans, so exposure causes issues. The main diseases that you should be concerned about include  Histoplasmosis, Leptospirosis, Salmonella, and Rabies.
While all these diseases are harmful in some ways, the most concerning is rabies. This is a nervous system disease that spreads through infected saliva. If the condition goes untreated for too long, the mortality rate is nearly 100%. Therefore, it is never worth leaving bats on your property for too long. Search for bat removal near me instead.

Bats are annoying

You should not underestimate the level of nuisance caused by bats. They may scare children or even disturb your pets. Bats frequently make unwanted noise during the night too. If this is bothersome, do what you need to do and hire bat removal near me.

Bat Removal Near Me: Methodology

Bat removal is often necessary, but it is a tricky process. Colorado, specifically, considers bats to be a protected species. For this reason, please do not kill them unless they are an immediate threat to your health or safety. Then, ideally, you can remove them from your property without harming them.

Here are some methods we use to remove bats from your property:

Trapping methods

If bats are roosting in your home, the only real way to get them out is to capture them using traps or other devices, such as nets. However, we do not recommend doing this on your own, as any unnecessary contact with bats puts you at risk of infection by harmful diseases. Instead, search for “bat removal near me” to have someone do the job for you.

Alternative roosting locations

Bats may show up at your home even after being removed. They like to roost in areas with an overhang, such as the soffits of a home. But, you can provide them with an alternative location that they can use for this purpose. Bat houses are a great option for this. These products are small, house-type structures that bats may choose to roost in instead of your home. While this solution does not always work, it does have a proven success rate.

Using ultrasonic devices

Ultrasonic devices emit a high-frequency noise that can disturb bats and make them uncomfortable on your property. They are relatively inexpensive but also not very likely to work. If the person you find when searching for “bat removal near me” believes they are a good option, expect them to include them in the elimination plan. 

family of bats nest in enclosed deck

Using bat repellants

Bat repellants are chemical substances that bats do not like. You spray them or otherwise apply them on the bats’ roost, hoping their displeasure with the repellent’s effect on them drives them away. Of all the options, this one is likely the most effective, as it allows you to get the bats to leave without harming them. Though, bat repellants work best when applied frequently to maximize the effectiveness and longevity of the treatment.

Install bright lights in the area where bats roost

Bats are not very attracted to well-lit areas. Therefore, your pest control technician may recommend that you install bright lights in the area where the bats are most frequent. This solution can be quite effective if you are okay with a moderate bump in your electric bill.

Bat-Proofing Your Home

Even after implementing safe bat removal solutions, you risk them coming back and entering your home. To minimize this risk, you should take steps to bat-proof your home. This entails plugging any holes where bats could slip in and putting nets around openings you cannot completely block. Unfortunately, ensuring that you find every hole is difficult without first hiring someone by looking for bat removal near me. So we recommend you leave the bat-proofing process to the professionals from OMNIS Pest Control.

bat laying down in grass

Are Bats Dangerous?

Bats do pose a notable threat to humans and their pets. The primary threat is that they carry rabies, which spreads through their saliva. In addition, their urine and feces can transmit diseases like histoplasmosis. Therefore, someone with no respirator, gloves, and other protective gear is at significant risk even when bats are not around.

Detecting rabies in bats

You must know that many bats have rabies if you have bats on your property. Fortunately, it is possible to detect rabies by watching a bat’s behavior. Generally, a bat that seems completely unafraid of humans is at risk of having rabies. Call a bat removal service immediately if you spot a bat like this. Otherwise, you are in danger.

Bat Removal Near Me: Contact the Experts

Although bats are a protected species, solutions are still available for your bat infestation. To start the process, have OMNIS Pest Control come to perform an inspection. Then, have our team evaluate your bat infestation and work to identify appropriate solutions. Reach out to us now by calling 720-583-4126.

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