7 Bat Control Devices

Bat control devices provide possible options to deal with bat infestations. Bats create a nuisance with their chirping, flapping, and guano. They can even damage your property. In addition, they present several health hazards, including both rabies and histoplasmosis. In fact, out of every 10 Americans who died from rabies, seven of them got it from contact with rabid bats. So, for various reasons, you need to keep your home and property free of bats. Some people turn to a range of bat control devices. Here are seven to consider.

Ultrasonic Bat Control Devices

Several companies sell electronic ultrasonic devices to repel bats. These devices emit a high-pitched noise that sellers claim interferes with their echolocation – the bat’s natural sonar that they use to navigate. Besides this, the ultrasonic noise might irritate them so much that they leave. However, ultrasonic sounds might not work as well as you hope. In Bats of Missouri: Information for Homeowners, the MU Extension flatly states that ultrasonic devices are ineffective for deterring bats.

White Noise Bat Control Devices

Some manufacturers sell white noise devices for bat deterrents. White noise consists of many different, overlapping frequencies of sound. This type of sound has the effect of masking other sounds. Like ultrasonic devices, white noise bat control devices disrupt the bat’s ability to navigate and hunt. This device might be slightly more effective than an ultrasonic one. However, it still fails to keep bats out of your property in many cases.

bat on a tree
owl with ultrasonic sounds device to deter bats

Owl Decoys as Bat Control Devices

Another type of bat control device, an owl decoy, looks just like a large owl. Because owls hunt bats, bats avoid anything that resembles them. A fake owl offers a cheap and low-maintenance option. Unfortunately, it rarely works to curb a significant infestation. Also, bats will get used to the plastic owl over time and stop fearing it.

Bat Cones for Bat Control

Bat cones, also called bat valves, help with infestations immensely. This bat control device has a rigid tube and a bendable outer sleeve that work together. This design allows bats to exit your home but not come back inside. At OMNIS Pest Control, we recommend using bat cones and can install them as a part of our Bat Removal service.

Copper Mesh to Deter Bats

You might not consider copper mesh a bat control device because it has no electronics or unique design. Yet, copper mesh provides an excellent means of closing off spaces where bats do or might enter your attic or other parts of your home. Bats do not like chewing it and will abandon their efforts to enter that place if they find copper mesh blocking their path.

Bat Houses for Bat Management

Many homeowners like the idea of bat houses as a bat control device. These specialized roosting places give bats an alternative to roosting in your home. Just as important, they benefit the ecosystem. Be aware, though, that a bat house does not solve the problem of bats already inside your home. You need to set up the bat houses and then use some other means to exclude the creatures from your home.

a bat house is a device to keep bats away from your house
professional bat removal by hand from net

    Bird Netting to Deter Bats

    Also used as a bat control device, bird netting provides a barrier that allows bats to exit but not re-enter your home. You simply staple or duct tape the net around an opening where a bat might enter. Attach the top and sides, leaving the bottom loose. Any bats that have found a roosting place in your home leave at some point to go and hunt. When they come back, they cannot get back inside. At OMNIS, we may use bird netting to aid in bat exclusion.

    How OMNIS Can Help with Bat Infestations

    While people often try bat control tips and tricks on their own with bat control devices, but DIY bat removal usually does not solve the problem. Especially when multiple bats have taken up residence, it often takes a professional bat control service to remove them. At OMNIS, we first identify the specific type of bats present, locate them on your property, and estimate their numbers. Once we assess the infestation, we recommend the best bat control solutions for your particular situation. Then, if you decide to move forward, we take all the proper steps to get rid of the bats. Better yet, we ensure you can keep them out of your home for the long term.