Bats Sleeping on Porch

First, bats sleeping on porch spaces are a common problem in Colorado Springs. Often, OMNIS gets calls from people who ask why this happens. As wildlife control experts, we know the habits of these mysterious winged creatures. What’s more, we are eager to share these insights with you.

Why Is There a Bat Sleeping on My Porch?

Indeed, anyone who finds bats sleeping on porch space is curious about why it happens. Because bats are nocturnal animals, they eat and fly after the sun sets. Between these periods of activity, bats enjoy the security of a dark, covered space to rest, regroup, and relax. Often, their preferred sleep spot is on the porch of a home like yours.

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How to Recognize a Bat That Is Asleep

Since bats have claws on their wingtips, they can hang from perches with these talons. Subsequently, these mammals sleep upside down. In many cases, this sight startles homeowners who are unfamiliar with the habits of bats.
It seems incredible that a creature sleeps peacefully in such a position. However, most homeowners do not realize that when bats sleep, they fall into a deeply relaxed state that conserves energy. In this condition, the bat’s body temperature drops, and its heart rate slows. But, of course, this condition makes bats vulnerable to predators.
As a result, these creatures seek protective spaces like covered porches to rest, recharge, and sleep.

bats group together for protection inside cave

Bats Sleeping on Porch Spaces Is Often Seasonal

Bats need different roosting conditions at various times of the year. This means these nocturnal mammals change roosts according to their needs. Bat roosts take many different forms, including:

  • Caves
  • Mines
  • Hollow trees
  • Buildings
  • Covered outdoor spaces, like bridges and porches

How to Safely Clean Bat Droppings (Guano)

Although bats get a bad rap as disease carriers, their waste poses a health problem to you, your family, and your pets. Therefore, you must dispose of their waste properly to avoid infection. In short, here is the best way to handle bat mess:

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Do not sweep or vacuum

When guano breaks apart, it releases harmful spores that cause health problems. So first, disinfect this mess, then clear it away.

Cover your skin and airways

Put on two layers of nitrile gloves, a pair of goggles, and a surgical mask. Doing so will help protect your skin, eyes, nose, and mouth from the toxic spores that bat guano contains.

Dampen the waste with disinfectant

Mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and water in a plastic spray bottle. Saturate the bat guano thoroughly; this avoids any powder residue while you remove the mess.

Remove the mess

Use disposable paper towels to scoop up the mess, then toss the soiled towels into a disposable trash bag.

Disinfect the cleared space

Use the ammonia mixture and disposable sponges to spray the area clear of bat guano. This ensures the area is free from disease. Dispose of the used sponges in the trash bag with the soiled paper towels. Place the trash bag in an outdoor waste receptacle.

Best Advice for Bats Sleeping on Porch Spaces

Of course, we advise regular pest control service for anyone with a bat problem in the Castle Rock area. To clarify, not only does this protected species require special treatment, but the danger of bat infestation is real. Time and time again, we have seen frustrated homeowners who are forced to deal with the heavy expense of bat removal from attic spaces.
When you employ the service of a professional pest control service like OMNIS, your home is kept safe and secure from these invasive creatures. A service visit from an OMNIS pest control professional involves:

  • Examination of your property for current and potential problems
  • Expert location of entry points
  • Implementation of exclusion techniques so bats can leave but not re-enter your home
  • Activation of prevention methods to ensure future infestations never occur
  • Removal and cleaning of bat waste and debris

As has been illustrated, bats pose a tricky problem for homeowners. Their protected status requires careful removal methods. Furthermore, it’s not wise to let your home become a bat haven, as these winged creatures can take up residence inside your home and cause unhealthy mess and loud havoc. Contact us now for help.

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5 Ways to Prevent Bats Sleeping on Porch Spaces

Being that we are seasoned pest control experts, OMNIS has bat control tips and tricks. Nonetheless, it is important to know that Colorado’s bats are a protected species. As a result, it’s critical to handle bats with care; choose relocation rather than extermination. That said, here are humane ways to discourage bats from roosting on your porch:

  • Train an outdoor light on potential bat perches—Since bats want a dark space to rest, they avoid brightly lit places. 
  • Line the perch spot with metal—Bats can’t hang on to slippery surfaces like metal very well.
  • Aim a powerful fan at popular bat perches—The airflow can bother bats, who then find another spot to catch up on their beauty sleep.
  • Erect a nearby bat house—After you make your porch an undesirable place to roost, you can set up a bat house nearby. This provides bats with a safe place to reside that doesn’t interfere with your home life.
  • Hang noisy wind chimes near the perch—These chimes need to ring frequently to act as an effective bat deterrent. 
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