Garter Snake Control

Are garter snakes invading your property and home? If so, you’re not alone. Garter snakes are the most common type of snake in North America and unfortunately, they often like to find areas that offer plenty of shelter, such as a garden or outdoor structure.

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Garter Snakes And Why They Are A Nuisance

Garter snakes are one of North America’s most common snake species. They are slender, non-venomous snakes that are typically small, ranging from 18 to 26 inches in length. Garter snakes are often found near water sources such as streams, ponds, and lakes but have also been known to thrive in various habitats such as fields, woodlands, and even suburban areas.

While garter snakes are generally harmless and are not known to attack humans, they can still pose a threat to your property. In addition to causing fear and anxiety among some individuals, garter snakes can also damage structures and gardens. 

Identifying Signs of Garter Snakes On Your Property

We begin our garter snake control process with thoroughly inspecting your property. This helps us identify the areas where garter snakes are and any conditions contributing to their presence. Garter snakes often seek warm and moist areas to live in, and may sometimes be found in and around homes. Once we have identified the problem areas, we use various exclusion techniques to prevent garter snakes from gaining access to your home. This may include sealing cracks and crevices, adding barriers to crawl spaces and attics, and removing debris or clutter harboring garter snakes.

In cases where garter snakes have already established a presence in your home, we use trapping and relocation techniques to remove them safely and humanely. Our professionals handle and transport snakes safely, ensuring they are not harmed.

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Steps to take to keep garter snakes out of your property

Garter snakes are common in many parts of Castle Rock, Colorado. These harmless snakes can help keep rodents and pests in check but can also cause alarm if they’re slithering across your property. If you’re looking to keep garter snakes at bay, here are some useful steps to take:

  1. Keep your yard tidy: A messy yard with overgrown grass, cluttered debris, and leaves can provide an ideal hiding place for garter snakes.
  1. Seal up your home: Garter snakes can enter your house through the smallest holes. Inspect your home thoroughly and (seal) close all potential entry points.
  1. Keep rodents in check: Garter snakes are motivated by food, and if there is an ample supply of rodents around your property, snakes are likely to stick around.
  1. Change the environment: Garter snakes prefer cool, damp areas. A dry and hot environment would not suit their preferences. 

Following these preventive measures can dramatically reduce the chances of garter snakes inhabiting your property. If you’re still experiencing issues with garter snakes, contact OMNIS Pest Control. With their expertise and experience, they can help you safely and humanely remove these snakes from your property.

How to check if there are any eggs or nests in your area

If you live in Colorado, you might have encountered garter snakes on your property. These non-venomous reptiles are a common sight in the area. While they may not pose a major threat to humans, they can be a nuisance if they start to breed and lay eggs on your property.

garter snakes mating

Luckily, you can take some simple steps to check if there are any garter snake eggs or nests in your area. Firstly, it’s important to know that garter snakes typically lay eggs in moist, hidden areas such as rocks, logs, or tall grass. They tend to lay relatively small nests of around 10-30 eggs, which are oval and covered in a leathery shell.

To check for any garter snake eggs or nests on your property, look in the areas where they are most likely to breed. Take a careful look under any large rocks or logs, and in any tall grass or shrubs. You may also want to check any particularly damp or moist areas, as these are prime breeding grounds for garter snakes.

If you do find a nest, it’s important to remember that garter snakes are protected under state law in Colorado, and it’s illegal to kill or harm them intentionally. Instead, the best action is to contact OMNIS Pest Control in Castle Rock, who can safely and effectively remove the eggs or nests from your property.

Pest Threat Level


garter snake

Regarding the level of danger that garter snakes pose, they are generally considered among the least dangerous snakes. They are quite beneficial in controlling other pests such as rodents and insects.

While garter snakes may produce venom, it is mild and rarely causes any significant harm to humans. In fact, even if a garter snake bites a person, the venom is not potent enough to cause any serious symptoms.

Garter snakes are one of the most common snake species in North America, and they are known for their small size, harmless venom, and docile nature. With an average length of around two feet, garter snakes are in various habitats, including forests, grasslands, and wetlands.

However, it is important to remember that any encounter with a snake should be taken seriously and cautiously. Giving snakes space is always recommended to limit the risk of harm. Call OMNIS Pest Control to remove unwanted snakes from your property safely. We use best practices to keep garter snakes away from your home in the future

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Garter Snake Removal

Are you tired of having garter snakes slithering around your property? Look no further than OMNIS Pest Control for professional and effective garter snake removal services.

Our team of experts is equipped with the knowledge and tools to safely and efficiently rid your property of these potentially dangerous pests. Garter snakes are common in Castle Rock, Colorado, and while they are non-venomous, they can still threaten small pets and children. They also have a reputation for reproducing quickly, which can lead to an infestation if not addressed.

At OMNIS Pest Control, we utilize humane techniques that do not harm the snakes while still getting them off your property. We also offer preventative measures to ensure that your property remains snake-free in the long run.

Don’t let garter snakes take over your property. Contact OMNIS Pest Control for the highest quality snake removal services in Castle Rock, Colorado. Our team is dedicated to keeping your property safe and pest-free.