Pictures of Mosquito Bites

Pictures of mosquito bites are helpful because they confirm the source of the irritation. Many times, people with raised skin bumps are uncertain about the cause of the inflammation. With reference to these photos, you can pinpoint why you have the problem.

Firstly, Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch?

A strong sign you are the victim of a mosquito bite is the itch that results. When a mosquito bites you, it injects saliva into your skin. Subsequently, the area becomes itchy. This tingly, annoying sensation is your body’s reaction to the mosquito saliva. Indeed, some people have a mild reaction to mosquito bites. In contrast, others have a stronger response and suffer large areas of swelling, soreness, and blotchy skin.

picture of a mosquito biting skin with salvia mixing with blood causing humans to itch

Consult Pictures of Mosquito Bites for Treatment

After you look at pictures of mosquito bites and determine that this insect is the source of your discomfort, you can find relief. Here are some ways you can perform self-care for mosquito bites:

putting itch relief cream on mosquito bite

Behavior to Avoid with Mosquito Bites

Certainly, there are things to avoid once you confirm you have been bitten by a mosquito. Although it is tempting, do not scratch a mosquito bite.

When you abrade this insect bite, you inflame the area and cause it to worsen. Furthermore, you risk infection when you scratch a mosquito bite. That said, if you cannot resist temptation, thoroughly wash the mosquito bite area after you scratch it.

fresh mosqutito bites on top of hand and wrist


  • Apply a lotion, cream, or paste—Over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion can bring relief to mosquito bite areas. By the same token, you can dab a bite with baking soda and water paste. Spread these topical treatments on the mosquito bites several times a day until your symptoms disappear.
  • Administer a cold compress—Place a cold pack or a cool, moist cloth on the mosquito bite area for a few minutes. Repeat this process whenever the area flares up.
  • Take an oral antihistamine—For a strong reaction to mosquito bites, you can take a non-prescription antihistamine like Benadryl, Chlor-Trimeton, or others.
older mosquito bites all over arm

Allergic Reactions to Mosquito Bites

Occasionally, an allergic reaction occurs in response to a mosquito bite. It is essential to get medical treatment when this happens, as prescription medications like corticosteroids are often required to combat swelling. Seek immediate attention medical attention when you experience any of these symptoms after a bite:

  • Swollen throat
  • Labored breathing
  • Hives
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Lethargy

Identify the Attacker

Symptoms of insect stings vary, so it helps to look at pictures of mosquito bites to know how to treat the irritation that results.
Here is a list of insects and how their bites appear on human skin:

Mosquitos—The bites from these insects are itchy, round bumps that are either pink or red.

Bed bugs—Bed bug bites are typically painless. They usually appear as three or more clustered red marks, often forming a line.

Ticks—These insects leave bites that resemble a “bulls-eye” on a target.

Bees—Bee stings can be identified as an instant, sharp pain that burns. A red welt appears at the sting area, along with slight swelling around that spot.

Ants—Ants leave bites that show up as itchy bumps at first. Within an hour, the bumps turn into small blisters. After a day, the blisters become filled with a pus-like substance.

Spiders—Most spiders in North America do not inject dangerous venom which causes sickness. However, these insects do bite. Signs that you have a spider bite include two tiny holes at the center of the bite, redness and swelling around the site, and mild pain that’s similar to a bee sting.

mosquito and other bug bites

Make Mosquitos a Distant Memory

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picture of a dead mosquito after a person kills it with slapping their skin

How Come Mosquitos Appear Bloody When Killed?

Occasionally, when you slap a mosquito you see a smear of blood. Contrary to popular belief, this blood does not belong to the insect. It is the blood the mosquito has consumed from another animal, possibly yours. It is important to note that the diseases which mosquitos carry are not transmitted through the blood but via their saliva.