Are Raccoons Friendly?

One look at their cute faces and you’ll likely agree – raccoons are adorable, but also wonder are raccoons friendly. If you have spotted a raccoon near your home, it is best to make efforts to keep them from getting too close. Follow these tips to help raccoons keep their distance from your property.

friendly raccoons but stay away

Are Raccoons Friendly?

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about these nocturnal and seemingly cute and cuddly critters. One look at their cute faces, and you’ll likely agree – raccoons are adorable. However, while these critters appear lovable and almost look like an animal, you would want to curl up on your couch. But the truth is that raccoons are far more dangerous for humans than anything else. Thus, it would be best if you assumed that raccoons are not friendly. Especially when you scare them around mother raccoon’s babies.

We recommend that raccoons not be taken in as pets, as it is illegal in the state of Colorado to own one. Further, it is best to make efforts to keep raccoons from getting too close to you. Raccoons should not be fed, which means you should not leave food outside and keep garbage out of their reach at all times. If you have pets, keep them away from areas where you have spotted raccoons. Also, keep pet doors secure so that a raccoon can’t surprise you by coming inside, and eliminate access points.

Keep Raccoons from Getting Too Close

If you have spotted a raccoon near your home, it is best to make efforts to keep them from getting too close. Follow these helpful tips to help raccoons keep their distance.

1. Make Yourself Seem Larger

If a raccoon starts to get fresh, make yourself seem larger by standing up, shouting, and waving your arms. In most cases, this will be enough for the raccoon to turn around and scamper away.

2. Warn children of the dangers of raccoons

Warn children about the dangers of raccoons and make sure that they understand that raccoons are not intended to be pets. For young children, teach them a phrase to yell out loud if a raccoon approaches them, such as “Stay Away Mr. Raccoon!” So that a nearby adult will know that the child needs assistance with a nearby raccoon.

3. Contact OMNIS Pest Control

Contact your wildlife department or OMNIS Pest Control if a raccoon seems aggressive, sick, or has an injury. Do not attempt to approach the animal yourself. A raccoon could be rabid, and a bite will not only be painful but could be life-threatening. Allow the professionals to correctly capture the raccoon and remove it from your property. OMNIS Pest professionals are trained to manage wildlife problems as humanely as possible, using safe-capture methods.

4. Separate yourself from the animal safely

As with the previous recommendation, if a raccoon gets into your house, be sure to contact your local wildlife department. But, before you do that, be sure to separate yourself from the animal safely. Keep calm, try to close the animal into a room, and barricade it if you can before making the call. But, only do this if you can safely close off a room without making a raccoon feel cornered. A raccoon that feels his safety is in jeopardy will take actions to defend itself, which could put you and other family members at harm.

Make Your Home Less Attractive to Raccoons

In addition to the recommendations that we provided above, there are several things that you can do to make your home less attractive to raccoons. Check out these five suggestions.

1. Keep Compost Secure

Keep your compost secure by keeping it in an animal-proof container.

2. Plant food scraps deeply

If you bury food scraps rather than composting them, be sure to plant them deeply or cover your below-ground compost system with secured wire mesh.

3. Clean up food remnants

Clean up food scraps and remnants after outdoor picnics and barbecues. Even the smallest of food items left in an unsecured garbage can or out on a table can be enough to lure a raccoon into your yard.

4. Trim branches away from your home

Trim branches and bushes away from your home so that you do not provide easy access for raccoons to access harbor points where they can easily sneak their way inside.

5. Cover open windows and doors

Remember that raccoons are not intended to be pets. Thus, please make the appropriate efforts to keep them out of your home by ensuring open windows and doors are covered with a secure screen.

Call OMNIS Pest Control for Safe Raccoon Removal

If a raccoon makes its way into your home, be sure to call OMNIS Pest Control at 720-583-4126 as soon as you can. So we can safely secure the raccoon. Our team of professionals can safely remove the raccoon from your home. As well as provide recommendations to help you avoid a future visit. If you don’t have an imminent raccoon removal need and would like help with future mitigation strategies, fill out our convenient online form.  Then an OMNIS Pest Control team member will reach out to you as soon as possible.