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Bee and Wasp Control Tips

Buzzing, stinging insects can disturb your peace at home. Bees and wasps serve vital functions in the ecosystem. Yet, if you allow them to infest your property, they present a risk to your safety. That’s when you need bee and wasp control tips to keep them from taking over. Our OMNIS blog provides information on DIY methods and the professional approach.

DIY and Expert Bee and Wasp Control Tips

Controlling bees and wasps on your own can put you in the line of danger. However, if you proceed cautiously, you might have some success. Take bee and wasp control tips from the pros if you want to attempt it. In addition, our blog offers DIY methods that many people use. Although these methods often fail, we explain the safest options.

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Bee Control

Everyone benefits from bees’ pollination. We get honey from bees and enjoy fruits, vegetables, and other delicious treats because of the bees’ work. But, at the same time, having too many bees on your property brings safety risks, especially for those with bee allergies.
Therefore, we offer bee and wasp control tips to help you minimize their impact on your family. We explain the differences between bees and wasps. Plus, we tell you what attracts these invaders and which plants will help keep them off your property. Beyond that, the OMNIS blog discusses how to prevent bees from nesting on your property.

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Wasp Control

If you wonder, “How do I control wasps around my home?” we have the best DIY bee and wasp control tips for you. First, our blog helps you identify different types of wasps. Then, we explain what you can do for yourself.
In addition, we explain the benefits of professional wasp removal. After all, a pest control professional can keep you, your family, and your guests safe from wasp stings. We remove wasps for you and provide bee and wasp control tips so that you can keep them away. By the time we leave, your home is free of both wasps and their nests.

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Bee and Wasp Removal

Controlling bees and wasps help you prevent an infestation. However, if these dangerous creatures have already overrun your property, you must remove them. Only then can you make headway with control. So, we offer ideas for yellow jacket removal and general wasp removal. . We even give you five DIY solutions to wasp infestations.
Our blog covers DIY, professional bee, and wasp control tips, including removal. Here, you can find information on DIY and commercial wasp traps. In this case, you try to attract the bees and wasps so that they enter your traps. Also, if you have a pool on your property, you may benefit from our discussion of keeping bees away from your swimming pool. Best of all, you can call OMNIS to provide effective bee control.

Professional Bee and Wasp Control

When you choose expert bee and wasp control, OMNIS follows a step-by-step process to complete the task. We start by setting up a convenient time for you. Once we arrive at your property, we conduct a thorough inspection. As we go, we identify the types of bees and wasps you have. These could include yellowjackets, paper wasps, honeybees, or carpenter bees, to name a few. With that information, we create a plan.

We eliminate these pests using the best professional techniques and products for your specific situation. We take extra precautions to ensure everyone at the property remains safe from harm. Then, we work diligently to eradicate your bee or wasp infestation. So calling OMNIS makes sense if you need to go beyond simple bee and wasp control tips. We use the most effective methods to free you from the threat of stings.

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Humane Bee and Wasp Control Tips

Do you wonder what happens to the bees when OMNIS removes them? While other pest control companies may kill nearly all the bees, OMNIS practices humane pest control. We get the bees off your property safely by removing the hive. Relying on methods that minimize bee deaths, we remove the colony. Then, wherever possible, we relocate the bee hive to a safer place, both for the bees and you.

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Where to Find Bee and Wasp Removal Services

Once you realize the benefits of professional wasp and bee removal, you may want to start looking for “wasp and bee control services near me.” The OMNIS Pest Control service area runs from Fort Carson in the south to Parker in the north. Headquartered in Castle Rock, we serve Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. Call us at 720-583-4126 or use our Quick Contact form whenever you need help with bee and wasp control tips and services. We have the knowledge and equipment required for effective and safe removal. Our team will come as soon as possible to keep you and your family safe.