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OMNIS Pest Control tips for controlling raccoons on your property

Top Raccoon Control Tips for Homeowners

You know the time has come for raccoon control tips when raccoons create havoc on your property. They annoy your family, steal your food, and rattle around in your garbage. Even worse, they can carry diseases; if they feel threatened, they fight, scratch, and bite.
In this blog, you can look at some of the most successful tips and suggestions. DIY tips can help you take care of some problems. Then, if you need more help, you can call the pros at OMNIS Pest Control to solve your raccoon problem.

Are Raccoons Friendly?

Are Raccoons Friendly?

Raccoons are adorable. But are raccoons friendly? Discover why you should keep raccoons from getting too close.

Getting to Know Raccoons

Before you try to get rid of raccoons, it helps to understand the critters. In our blog, Are Raccoons Friendly, we describe what raccoons do and how they react to people. We also show you how to protect your family and property until help arrives. Also, in this blog, you can find raccoon control tips for making your home unwelcoming to these critters.

hard time getting raccoons to be scared

Natural Raccoon Control Tips

When raccoons invade your property, they can go anywhere, from your crawlspace to your attic. Yet, relying only on natural raccoon control tips might be hard to get rid of them. You can find out how in our blog on How to Keep Raccoons Away Naturally.

Here, you’ll learn about many reasons to keep raccoons away. Then, you can see natural ways to accomplish this feat. For example, removing the raccoons’ incentive to invade may be your best answer. In addition, you might try sealing all the gaps and entrances where raccoons can get inside. Finally, you can learn how to use scents to discourage raccoons and where to apply those scents. None of these methods harms the environment, and they can work if you do not have a major raccoon problem.

Banish Raccoons from Your Attic

Do you have raccoons in your attic? Raccoons love attics, so you need some raccoon control tips to keep them out. After all, these spaces usually don’t have much going on inside, and the raccoons can take over easily. First, we provide some of the best information on raccoons, including their habits, habitats, and the health risks they pose. Next, we give you some resources and suggestions for raccoon management. Finally, you can find answers in our blog Prevent and Remove a Raccoon in the Attic.

safe raccoon trap

Professional Tips for Raccoon Removal

However, we often make one more recommendation: come to the pest experts for raccoon removal. You might discover this suggestion as one of the best raccoon control tips ever. Once a raccoon or a family of them has made themselves at home in your attic, you need the help of a pest control agent.

After all, a raccoon might bite or scratch you and cause a gash, a skin infection, or even a dangerous illness. However, we know how to remove them safely, protecting you, your family, and your property. Besides that, we have the tools and equipment to do the job in the most efficient, harm-free way.

protect home from raccoons

Raccoon Prevention

Raccoon prevention tips take less effort and bring less danger than raccoon removal. We advise sealing entry points, making it hard for raccoons to climb, and eliminating food sources. By preventing a raccoon infestation, you safeguard your home and family. Beyond that, you can save the hassle of getting them out once they come inside your attic.

Keep Raccoons Off Your Deck

Do raccoons come onto your deck and disturb your quiet evenings or family time? If so, you need raccoon control tips for your deck. You can find our tips by reading our OMNIS blog about This Raccoon Won’t Leave My Deck! What Now?

Raccoon Control Tips to Scare Them Away

Scaring raccoons away takes some thought. However, you can learn how to frighten them by looking big and sounding loud. Whether you use loud noises or bright lights or stand tall and face them, you might have some luck in getting them off your deck. We show you how to do it and what objects to scare them away.

Drive Raccoons Away with Scents

Raccoon control tips often involve using scents. Raccoons have a strong sensitivity to certain scents. You have many options if you want to drive them away with odors. For example, you can use a predator’s scent to make the raccoons fear for their lives. You might want to try using any of several natural scents that raccoons don’t like. We provide you with a detailed list in our blog.

If these methods don’t work, you can try raccoon eviction fluid, which is another type of scent. We explain the source of this fluid, why it works, and how to apply it. You need to know, though, that eviction fluid only affects nursing female raccoons.

sick raccoon in the snow standing with head down
raccoon got inside house and put back outside by safe trap

Call the Raccoon Removal Experts

Sometimes, a raccoon won’t leave your deck or backyard, no matter what you try. At that point, your best choice is to call the professionals. OMNIS Pest Control removes the raccoons from any outdoor areas on your property.

However, we go beyond removal to teach you prevention methods. Our raccoon control tips can help you keep your property safe for the long term. Meanwhile, if you need help with raccoons or any type of encroaching wildlife, OMNIS can come to do the removal.