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Helpful Squirrel Control Tips

Colorado draws people in for its stunning nature and wildlife. However, along with the overwhelming benefits of living in such a beautiful place, we also live with its drawbacks. One such difficulty is finding a way to coexist with native wildlife. An abundance of squirrels also calls Colorado home. They scamper up trees and squirrel away food. But, when they find their way into homes and businesses, they threaten our health and property. The following squirrel control tips are essential to living peacefully with squirrels.

Understanding Squirrels Helps Prevent Them

Like any pest, the more you know about squirrels, the easier it is to prevent them from moving into your home. While all squirrels share similar traits, each species has characteristics and behaviors that make them unique. In Colorado, three of the most common squirrels are the Fox squirrel, Red squirrel, and Rock squirrel. While the fox and red squirrels are tree squirrels, the rock squirrel is a ground squirrel that burrows underground. Knowing which squirrel has taken up residence on your property will allow you to implement the squirrel control tips most likely to help your situation.

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What Attracts Squirrels?

Knowing what attracts squirrels helps you pinpoint where to apply squirrel control tips. Like all living creatures, squirrels need food, water, and shelter. The easier they find what they need, the more likely they will move in. A squirrel’s preferred foods are nuts, seeds, and berries. However, they are opportunistic and will forage on various plant-based foods and insects.

Feeding other animals, such as birds, will attract squirrels for an easy meal. Another attraction is easy access to fresh water, such as birdbaths. When squirrels find food readily available, they will move in. Hopefully, it will be a nest in a tree or burrow, but if your home isn’t protected, they move in with you.

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More Than Just Cute – Squirrels Pose A Health Risk

Squirrels are adorable as they scamper through trees and play in the yard. Even so, they pose a threat to your home and your health. Squirrels have sharp teeth they use to gnaw on wood, wires, insulation, and more. They put your home at risk of destruction and contamination. 

Also, squirrels can carry and transmit various parasites and diseases to people and pets. Among the more common diseases, squirrels carry are leptospirosis, typhus, and ringworm. Implementing squirrel control tips is essential to protecting your home and family from the dangers of contact with squirrels.

Squirrel Control Tips For Homes And Businesses

If you have an abundance of squirrels around your premises, applying squirrel control tips is essential. Once they make their way inside, squirrel control becomes more difficult. First, you will have to remove the squirrels from the attic safely. When this is the case, the safest and most effective approach is to call in professionals. If exclusion methods are already in place, the squirrels won’t be able to enter your home or building, preventing a significant headache for you.  

squirrel on roof can chew into attic, shed, or barn

Exclusion Methods Prevent Entry

When you eliminate access to your home, you stop these crafty creatures from taking up residence. The first step to effective exclusion is to assess your home and property for food sources and entry points. Next, focus on any weak spots in your home’s exterior. The most effective ways to get rid of squirrels begin with exclusion. A few essential exclusion squirrel control tips include:

  • Trim trees and shrubs away from your home and roof to eliminate access to your roof. Squirrels are talented jumpers and can easily clear distances of 9 feet or less. 
  • Repair holes in your foundation and gaps in the siding to prevent access for ground squirrels. 
  • Ensure all windows and screens are intact and securely closed. 
  • Repair even small holes and gaps. Squirrels have incredibly sharp teeth and gnaw around small holes to enlarge them enough for access. 

Physical Exclusion Methods

There are many physical barriers to help with squirrel prevention. Squirrel control devices such as baffles, motion-activated sprinklers, and fake predators can help deter entry. However, these squirrel control tips have varying levels of effectiveness.

cone over bird feeder

Baffle Over Bird Feeder

Baffles are metal or plastic attachments that prevent squirrels from accessing birdfeeders. Thus, eliminating their access to an easy food source. Over time, particularly crafty squirrels figure out how to get around baffles.


Lawn Sprinkler

Motion-activated sprinklers are helpful devices to keep squirrels out of gardens and off lawns. As the squirrel approaches, a jet of water scares them away. Although, squirrels can avoid the sprinklers if trees surround these areas.

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Scent Repellents To Fool A Squirrels Nose

Another squirrel control tip to aid in deterring these critters is the use of scent repellents. Most scent repellents use or mimic the scent of squirrel predators. Available in sprays and granules, the repellents utilize a squirrel’s sense of smell to alert them a predator frequents the area. Even so, reapplication is necessary, as once the scent fades, squirrels will return.

When DIY Squirrel Control Tips Aren’t Enough – Call In The Professionals

Because squirrels are capable of causing significant damage to homes and businesses, taking note of their presence is crucial. The best of all the squirrel control tips is to call in professionals. When simple exclusion methods are not enough, the professionals at OMNIS Pest Control will take care of all your squirrel control needs.

Our dedicated technicians can safely remove squirrels from buildings while you and your family remain safe. Furthermore, our attention to detail lets us pinpoint potential access areas and what attracts them to your property. Subsequently, a specially tailored plan ensures you and your home gets the protection you need.

OMNIS Pest Control – Your Local Squirrel Control Experts

Contact OMNIS Pest Control today for more squirrel control tips and a free estimate. Our knowledgeable staff looks forward to working with for all of your pest control needs.