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six safe squirrel control devices to keep them away from your home

6 Squirrel Control Devices

Squirrels are a common sight in yards across the United States. While these crafty critters are cute when chasing each other along tree branches, they cause headaches for many homeowners and gardeners. According to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, squirrels are considered nuisance wildlife. The use of squirrel control devices aids in decreasing squirrel traffic in and around your home and yard.

Squirrel Control Devices To Keep Squirrels Away

Many methods for controlling squirrels require eliminating living spaces and food sources. However, squirrels enjoy many of the same luxuries in a beautiful yard as humans, such as shady trees and bird feeders. Therefore we must outsmart squirrels if we want to keep them away from our homes. These six squirrel control devices will help keep squirrels away from your yard and home.

metal baffle on bird feeder to keep squirrel away

Squirrel Baffle

A squirrel baffle is a common addition to backyard bird feeders. This squirrel control device is a cone or cylinder-shaped piece of metal or plastic attached to a bird feeder. When trying to climb up a post holding a bird feeder, the baffle blocks the squirrel’s path and requires it to try and climb around the baffle. Once the squirrel loses its grip, it will fall or slide back down the pole. Hanging feeders use a baffle attached from above. The smooth domes send any squirrel attempting to reach around it sliding off the side. Baffles are a simple and inexpensive squirrel control device. They limit the squirrel’s food access and preserve the birdseed for its intended diners.

Scent Repellents

Squirrels are prey animals. In addition to their other senses, they rely on their finely tuned sense of smell to avoid danger and locate food. However, using their acute sense of smell against squirrels is one way to keep them away from your yard. Scent repellents are a form of squirrel control device available at most hardware stores.
Scent repellents come in spray and granule forms. Many scents that repel squirrels and rodents are pleasant to people.

Additionally, many non-toxic repellents are safe for people, pets, or wildlife. Common ingredients include capsaicin, cayenne pepper, garlic, pepper, and peppermint.

scent repellents around the property to deter squirrels
outdoor ultrasonic speaker to scare squirrels

Ultrasonic Squirrel Control Devices

There are many ultrasonic squirrel control devices on the market. These devices emit a high-frequency noise that most humans cannot hear. However, these noises are irritating to squirrels. There is no sound research to back up the efficiency claims of these devices, but many people have found them to be helpful. In addition to squirrels, other animals may be disturbed by these noises. These squirrel control devices may affect pets with sensitive hearing. Monitor their behavior closely when using ultrasonic instruments.

Motion Activated Sprinklers

Motion activated sprinklers are another common squirrel control device. The sprinkler activates when a squirrel or other animal enters the sensor range. Then a jet of water, sometimes accompanied by sound, scares away the unwanted critter. The use of these sprinklers will aid in keeping squirrels out of lawns and gardens but will not work as well in areas where squirrels can travel above ground in trees.
Motion activated sprinklers are safe and environmentally friendly. Many models have reservoirs to hold water, eliminating the need for a hose. Often these systems use batteries or solar power, making them portable to areas without electrical access.

automatic motion activated sprinklers deters squirrels
use fake predators to deter squirrels

Fake Predators

Fake predator decoys are another squirrel control device that has shown some success. Many decoys on the market resemble predators such as owls, hawks, and coyotes. Yet, squirrels are not the only prey for these animals. As well as squirrels, other birds are also a common food source for birds of prey. Using a fake predator decoy often scares away welcome wildlife. Also, squirrels will become used to the presence of these decoys unless you regularly move the decoy.

Squirrel Traps

One of the most common squirrel control devices is the humane trap. These traps come in various sizes depending on what you are trapping. Squirrels require a relatively small trap. The trap is the best squirrel control device to use when removing squirrels from homes and buildings. Use extreme caution whenever you are close to wildlife.
Traps are not ideal for removing squirrels from open areas. Relocation is often detrimental to a squirrel’s chance of survival. According to the Humane Society, up to 97% of squirrels die or disappear upon relocation.

squirrel traps to keep them out of the house

When Squirrel Control Devices Aren’t Enough, Call For Professional Help

Nuisance wildlife, including squirrels, is extremely difficult to remove from your property altogether. The use of squirrel control devices often helps reduce the frequency of squirrels in your yard and home. However, success varies greatly. Usually, using a squirrel control device will require maintenance or reapplication. Professional pest control experts increase the odds of success and remove the hassle.

At OMNIS Pest Control, our technicians have the training and experience to tackle your squirrel control problems and help you take back your home and yard. Call us today to receive a free estimate.

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