Natural Mosquito Repellent Techniques

Natural mosquito repellant can keep these blood-sucking insects at bay. Chiefly, these concoctions use essential oils to repel insects, rather than chemical-based products. To clarify the difference between these two types of repellant, here are some helpful facts to consider.

DIY mosquito repellant spray made with oils help from OMNIS

The Ingredients of Natural Mosquito Repellent

Most natural mosquito repellents work because of the scent. Mosquitoes cannot tolerate many smells that human beings appreciate. As a result, DIYers turn to plant-based essential oils to concoct natural mosquito repellent mixtures. Specifically, here are some of the oils which are prevalent in these sprays:

mosquitos do not like the smell of basilBasil Keeps Mosquitoes at Bay

You’re in luck if you love to eat Italian food in your backyard. That’s because basil leaves are known to deter several species of mosquitoes. Therefore, growing basil in your yard or creating a spray from essential oils can bring some relief as a natural mosquito repellent.

citronella candle smokes removes mosquitos from yard

Dispel Mosquitoes with Citronella

Citronella is an ingredient in many natural mosquito repellents for a good reason. High in citronellal and geraniol, both of which deter mosquitoes, citronella essential oil is a good ingredient to add to any DIY repellent. However, despite its efficacy, it’s necessary to know that citronella oil evaporates quickly and requires frequent application changes.

repell mosquitos with the scent of cloves

Mosquitoes Have No Love for Clove

Eugenol, the active ingredient in clove, is effective in blocking mosquitoes for nearly 4 hours. Consequently, many natural anti-mosquito mixtures contain clove essential oil as an active ingredient.

plant lemon grass in your garden to remove mosquitos
Lemon Eucalyptus Is a Natural Insect Repellant

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention lists lemon eucalyptus oil as an active ingredient for insect repellents. That’s because it has high levels of citronellal, a compound that repels mosquitoes and other bugs.

peppermint plants in your garden help remove mosquitosPeppermint Is Unpleasant to Mosquitoes

Since it naturally contains a significant concentration of menthol, peppermint can be an effective mosquito deterrent. Best of all, it’s one of those fragrances that most people enjoy.

How to Make a Natural Mosquito Repellent Spray

Specifically, here is what you need to make a spray that keeps mosquitoes away:

  • A glass spray bottle
  • 20 drops each of any of the following essential oils: basil, citronella, clove, lemon eucalyptus, or peppermint
  • Distilled water
  • White vinegar

After you gather these components for a natural mosquito repellent, take the following steps:

  • Mix 10 to 20 drops of essential oil with 2 ounces of distilled water and 2 ounces of white vinegar
  • Pour the mixture into the glass spray bottle
  • Shake gently to mix
  • Spray to use
woman makes homemade mosquito repellant

Where to Apply Outdoor Natural Mosquito Repellent

Undoubtedly, your natural mosquito repellent works best when you apply it effectively. Therefore, to get the best results, direct the spray at the tall grass, flower beds, shrubs, and the under your deck. It can also help to spray outdoor furniture with natural mosquito repellent.

life cycle of mosquitos OMNIS removes all stages

Natural Mosquito Repellent for Ponds

A pond is a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. But, of course, to enjoy this feature, you want to keep it free of mosquitoes. So here are mosquito inhibiting strategies for ponds:

  • Install a small water pump. Moving water inhibits mosquitoes from laying larvae.
  • Remove standing water every day. Overfill bird baths and other water containers each day to wash away mosquito larvae.
  • Add mosquito dunks to large ponds. Mosquito dunks use BTI, a bacteria that kills mosquito larvae but is non-toxic to people, fish, and birds.
bats repel mosquitos naturally by eating them

Use Bats for Natural Mosquito Repellent

Whether you realize it or not, bats already control insect populations. One bat can eat up to 100 mosquitoes in an hour. So naturally, you don’t want bats to reside in your home. To that end, you can build a bat house apart from your property. Bats can decimate your mosquito problem without disturbing your home life.

When Natural Mosquito Repellent Isn’t Enough

When you try natural mosquito repellent methods to no avail, don’t panic. Effective mosquito control takes time, diligence, and expertise. At OMNIS Pest Control, we take a thorough approach that includes a free inspection of your property. 

After the inspection is complete, you receive a treatment plan with advice on moving forward with professional mosquito control methods. If you decide to accept this program, you can expect our pest control professional to:

  • Locate mosquito sources
  • Identify mosquito hiding spots
  • Create a vegetation application strategy
  • Map out a water treatment plan

Unquestionably, a professional pest control company provides the mosquito repellent strategies available. Call us today for a free consultation. The sooner you put your plan in motion, the faster you can enjoy the pleasures of a pest-free yard.

homemade mosquito spray for outdoors