Grasshopper Mouse Control

Often found with prairie dogs, kangaroo rats, and pocket mice, these stout-bodied critters weigh just under two ounces and have a body length of just over five inches. Grasshopper mice have a short tail and a dense yet silky coat. And, these little critters feast on seeds, insects, especially grasshoppers, crickets, beetles, and scorpions. Grasshopper mice also seek out, kill, and eat other tiny rodents, including kangaroo rats, voles, and white-footed mice. Even though some of their diets includes pests it’s still essential to have grasshopper mouse control on your property.

The grasshopper mouse population density is low, making them strongly territorial, highly aggressive, and greedy. When angered, these mice will let you know about it with their howl that sounds like a quieter version of a coyote howl. Though these mice reach their sexual maturity at about three months of age, they only live a few weeks to a few months.

How to Remove Grasshopper Mice

With immunity to the sting of an Arizona bark scorpion, you might be wondering how is grasshopper mouse control possible. As you can see, these animals have high pain sensitivity. Thus, typical mouse control methods aren’t always effective. And if you live in an area of Colorado where there are shortgrass prairies or desert scrub, the grasshopper mouse might be a problem.

Getting rid of grasshopper mice takes some know-how. And, these tend to be the most effective methods:

grasshopper mouse eating grasshopper pest control rodent

Deny Them Food

This might seem pretty obvious, but it is indeed the number one thing you can do to limit the population of grasshopper mice where you live. The grasshopper mouse has a big appetite. So, ensure that you do not leave food unattended outside and do not rely on flimsy packaging. Mice can chew through paper or plastic bags or cardboard boxes. So, also make sure that all food items are tightly packaged and in airtight containers. Clean out food pantries and cupboards regularly to remove spills that could provide a tantalizing aroma.

Set Traps Away From The House

The last thing you want to do with a grasshopper mouse is to attract them closer to your house. Set out traps in a child-safe area along the perimeter of your home, near their nests, or along their usual paths. Attract the mice by sticking peanut butter or another fragrant food on the trap. Check regularly for trapped mice and remove them from your home area immediately.

Try A Rodenticide

Though this should always be the last resort, rodenticides are pretty effective with grasshopper mice. Practice extreme caution to protect your family and pets. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions precisely. As mentioned, remove any dead grasshopper mice right away to limit exposure.

Threat Level 6/10

As grasshopper mice are ferocious with quite the appetite, they are helpful to farmers. Grasshopper mice can consume a large volume of insects and rodents that can destroy crops. However, with a grasshopper mouse infestation or a low volume of crops, this critter can be more burdensome than helpful. Grasshopper mice eat the very same crops they that usually help to defend once their prey becomes scarce.


Prevent Grasshopper Mice from Entering Your Home

Once you have eliminated the grasshopper mouse population, take all necessary steps to prevent their return. Check out these steps to keep grasshopper mice from invading your home.

  • Seal exterior windows and doors
  • Keep exterior doors closed whenever possible
  • Repair wall and screen holes as soon as possible
  • Seal openings around your oven, sink, and dishwasher
  • Seek out openings around pipes and plug them steel wool and caulk
  • Leave no spaces around vents that mice can use to gain entry
  • Clean up crumbs immediately
  • Keep food sealed in airtight containers

Pest Threat Level

grasshopper mouse control for houses and yards

How Omnis Can Help

These brave little carnivores can be challenging to get rid of. And when the mice start to win the battle, it is time to call on a professional grasshopper mouse control specialist such as OMNIS. Our team can take on the somewhat daunting task of reducing the volume of grasshopper mice in and around your home. We know where these little ones like to hide. So, we can partner with you on a control plan to lessen the damage.

With highly effective traps, rodenticides, and other methods we’ve learned along the way, we can help to eradicate your grasshopper mouse problem. And once we have limited the population outside and eliminated the population inside your home, we will prevent future entry. Then, with help from OMNIS, you can live mouse-free.