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When To Call An Exterminator For Mice

Mice are amongst the most common pests found in both residential and commercial buildings. Sometimes it is possible to remove mice without the help of a pest control service In severe cases getting rid of a mouse infestation can be extremely difficult without the help of an exterminator for mice. Mice are known to construct their nests in places that are hard to access, so it often takes specialized knowledge to root out a large population of mice.

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Decisively calling an exterminator for mice can actually save you money in the long run. As unchecked mouse infestations can lead to significant damage being done throughout your home. If you have noticed signs that mice may be living on your property, it’s only a matter of time before the infestation becomes unmanageable. Before the damage gets too out of hand, call, OMNIS Pest Control to schedule a free inspection. 

Signs Of A Mouse Infestation and Needing A Professional Exterminator for mMice

Although mice are tiny animals, they can cause immense damage. If you are trying to determine whether mice are living in your home, here are some signs you can look out for. 

1. Urine & Droppings

Mice may be hard to spot in the open, but their waste is not. If you notice the black and brown pellets lying around your home, you’ve likely come across mouse droppings. Furthermore, if certain areas have a sharp, musky smell that resembles ammonia, you’re likely smelling mouse urine. You can expect to find a mouse nest nearby if there is a large volume of urine and droppings in one area. 

While you may be eager to clean this mess up immediately, you shouldn’t do so without the proper precautions. Mice are known to carry diseases that transmit through their waste, so you should protect yourself from being exposed. When cleaning, be sure to wear gloves and a mask to ensure that you don’t touch or inhale any of the waste particles. Also, remember to use bleach or another potent disinfecting agent to ensure that no infectious materials are left behind.


Mice have durable teeth that continue to grow throughout their lifetime. To keep their teeth from becoming too long, they must gnaw on hard materials, like the furniture in your home. They may also chew on plastic and metal items, such as electrical wiring or cables. The amount of gnaw marks you discover can alert you to the number of mice currently living on your property. Therefore, if you notice a large amount of them, call an exterminator immediately

3. Dirty Trails

Mice usually establish a nest in one place, then travel the same routes in search of food. As they roam, they typically leave behind trails of dust, dander, dirt, and fur. These markings will build up over time, making it easy to spot an area that mice frequently visit. These trails will likely have droppings and urine nearby as well, so be careful when cleaning up. 

4. Nocturnal Noises

Mice can easily travel between your home’s different areas of your home by crawling into the gaps between your walls, under your floors, and above the ceiling. As they traverse these paths, you will likely be able to hear the pattering of their footsteps. Apart from footsteps, you may also hear other mouse activity sounds, such as scratching and squeaking from behind your walls. If the noise is constant, you know you’re dealing with an infestation, call OMNIS Pest Control to take care of your extermination of mice on your property. As well as setting up ongoing mouse control to prevent them from coming back.

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