Immediate Dead Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoons are incredibly common in most regions of Colorado. They invade commercial and residential properties, often causing damage and leaving infectious waste in their wake. Worse yet, sometimes raccoons die on property. The smell and sight of a dead raccoon can disturb the peace in any environment, so when this happens, it’s time to call dead raccoon removal services.

At OMNIS, we remove animal carcasses quickly while exposing your family to minimal hazardous materials. Our dead raccoon removal staff will come to your property and remove the dead raccoon. Then, they’ll sanitize the area to ensure no infectious microbes remain. This protects your family, visitors, and patrons from animal-borne diseases.

If you’re looking for a company that offers fast and effective dead raccoon removal services, you’re in the right place. OMNIS Pest Control can help you get that dead raccoon removed immediately.

Here’s what you need to know about the process. 

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About Raccoons

There are seven species of raccoon, but Procyon lotor is the most common species in America. These raccoons live in all types of environments, including forests, fields, and people’s yards.

Raccoons are not typically friendly animals. In fact, they cause significant damage to humans all the time.

Doing things like feeding raccoons can encourage them to frequent your property, so we advise against doing that. Unfortunately, though, even if you don’t feed them on purpose, raccoons may still find a way to eat available food on your property.

That’s why it’s essential to seal trash containers and remove any edible debris from around your property. Otherwise, you’ll find that raccoons have rummaged through your trash and scattered debris everywhere.

If you need help keeping raccoons off of your property, OMNIS has the solutions you need.

What To Do If You Find a Dead Raccoon

All animals die, and sometimes it happens on someone’s property. This is problematic because a dead raccoon will begin to rot within days. As this occurs, the raccoon carcasses will start to stink. The odor of a rotting raccoon alone is enough to convince most homeowners to call a dead raccoon removal service. 

That’s exactly what you should do, but if you aren’t convinced yet, there are other reasons why you shouldn’t allow a dead raccoon to rot on your property. For example, the odor of a dead raccoon may attract unwanted pests. These pests will likely begin eating the rotting corpse, potentially causing them to pick up various diseases. Those infectious diseases may then be spread to you, your pets, or your family. 

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Where Do You Find Dead Raccoons?

Dead raccoons are easy to identify, as the animals are known for their black-ringed tails and mask-like face. Raccoons usually die due to disease, accidents, trapping, and predator attacks. Though, the most likely cause of death in a residential neighborhood is a disease.

When a raccoon gets sick, it may seek shelter underneath a patio or inside your home. They do this because they want to avoid predators who may take advantage of them in their weakened state. Once a raccoon dies, you must have a professional come do the dead raccoon removal. Otherwise, you risk the spread of disease and obnoxious odors.

Should I Do Dead Raccoon Removal Myself?

You should never handle the body of a dead raccoon without proper training. A dead raccoon may still infect you with transmissible diseases, like rabies and roundworm. There are also other diseases that they will pass to you, so don’t put yourself at risk. Instead, call a qualified dead raccoon removal service, like OMNIS Pest Control.

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How Can We Help With Dead Raccoon Removal?

The OMNIS team has the expertise needed to perform dead raccoon removal quickly and safely. We’re sure you don’t want the smell of rotting raccoons to persist on your property, so let us help.

To schedule a visit from one of our pest control technicians, just call 720-583-4126.

If you instead need to get live raccoons to leave your property, here are 15 raccoon control tips.