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3 Snake Removal Tools

Snakes can be a problematic pest to encounter. Though, with the right snake removal tools, you can eliminate them safely. Dealing with snakes and safely handling encounters without professional intervention is possible, but we recommend getting help from a licensed pest control company.

You never know which snakes are dangerous, so it’s best to rely on a trained technician to take care of the problem for you. Similarly, your attempts to remove snakes on your own may worsen the problem or cause other complications to arise.

The pest control experts at OMNIS Pest Control are familiar with the most common snake removal tools. So just give us a call and we can bring them to your home and put them to work!

Common Snake Removal Tools

To remove a snake, your best option is to use something that will minimize the amount of contact you have to make with the animal when capturing it. Bags, hooks, and tongs are all standard utilities used by the pest control community to capture snakes. However, each has different advantages and drawbacks, so it’s essential to use one made for your specific circumstances.


Here are some more details on each snake removal tool

snake hook tool

Snake Tongs

Tongs are a common kitchen utensil, but have you ever thought they would be necessary for the garden? Snake tongs look similar to the tongs used inside the home, but they are usually much larger. In addition, the tongs have a grip that, when pressure is applied, will press two prongs together. There are many varieties of snake tongs on the market today. Some are collapsible, while others have telescopic handles. You can also find a variety of accessories to make snake capture far easier.

This tool is best used to capture snakes at a distance. While many products claim someone with no experience can use them, snakes can easily escape tongs when not handled properly. Similarly, if you mishandle a snake using tongs, you may cause damage to the snake too. If you want to ensure the safety of both you and the animals on your property, you should have a professional take care of the task for you.

humane snake hook tool on top of gloves

Snake Hooks

Snake hooks are great for safely handling, capturing, and transporting snakes at a safe distance from the handler. Hooks are a long-range option that is especially useful for handling aggressive, venomous, or wild snakes. The fact that technicians also snake hooks to immobilize striking snakes adds further to its value in the pest control industry.

If there is an aggressive snake on your property, OMNIS may use hooks to remove them. Our decision to do so will likely hinge on whether the snake is challenging to immobilize and capture using other methods. Large snakes typically warrant a hook, while smaller snakes may be easier to capture using a bag or tongs.

breathable bag for snake removal

Snake Bags

If you are looking for the most humane method of capturing snakes, snake bags will be your best bet. These bags have a long handle that you can use to position the tool. Then, as the snake slides into the bag, you can close it and hold it at an angle where the snake falls into the bag.

This snake removal tool is a tricky one to use, so don’t try it on your own. At OMNIS, we’ve bagged hundreds, if not thousands, of snakes. If you want to keep that little critter safe while removing it from your property, we know precisely how. If the situation calls for it, trust us to bag those snakes up and take them far away from your home.

Snake Removal Process

When it comes to control methods for snakes found indoors or outdoors on your property, you’ll need some type of tool to remove them in most cases. However, if you have no experience in this area, choosing a tool would likely be a difficult decision to make. For this reason, we suggest you call a professional for help instead.

A certified pest control technician will carefully inspect your property to find the snake or snakes and then ready their tools to capture it. Whether they deploy traps or use one of the tools mentioned above to get the job done will depend on the situation. In most cases, humane removal using snake removal tools should be possible.

too close to rattlesnake safely remove snake
keep snakes away

Snake Proofing

Once we’ve removed the snakes from your property using our array of snake removal tools, you’ll need to put some safety measures in place. There are several different snake proofing methods that can be applied to protect your property from future snake infestations. For example, if you want to keep snakes from entering your home, ensure that cellar doors, windows, and screens all fit tightly. Also, inspect other areas of the house for small openings, which snakes can quickly slither through.

You need to cover drains and vents that lead outdoors with mesh screens too. You never know when a snake could crawl through a drain and into your home.


For outdoor snake proofing, fences are one of the best possible solutions. Make sure the fence is buried at least 3 inches in the ground and that there are no openings for snakes to slither through. If there is a gate installed in the fence, always close it before leaving the property. If you don’t, the snakes could easily bypass the gate and begin repopulating.

At OMNIS Pest Control, we can implement a full solution designed to address all of your snake issues. We’ve got all the bases covered, from the removal of food and cover to ongoing maintenance and snake inspections.

Common Snakes in Colorado

If you’re reading up on snake removal tools, you’re probably curious about which snakes are common in Colorado. These are some snakes you can expect to see in the communities surrounding Castle Rock, CO.
yellow bellied racer

Yellow-bellied Racers

grumpy prairie rattlesnake

Prairie Rattlesnakes

little garter snake

Blackneck Garter Snakes

shy bullsnake

Great Basin Gopher Snakes

mad rattlesnake


It’s good to know that most all of the snakes that are native to Colorado are harmless, except for a few venomous ones. In fact, many of them are even beneficial to humans. If you’re wondering how, that would be because snakes eat insects and rodents, which can potentially harm humans.

removing snake with hook tool

We’ve Got The Tools!

At OMNIS Pest Control, we’ve got years of experience using the various snake removal tools mentioned here. So to have us come inspect your property for snakes, please call now.

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