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Squirrel Repellent

Squirrel repellent questions come fast and furious in the world of pest control. That’s because these creatures are clever when it comes to a home invasion. Whether you have squirrels in your attic, garage, or barn, removing them is crucial. Otherwise, they cause lots of damage. In addition, squirrels make a terrible racket, create messes, and spread disease. So it’s no wonder squirrel repellent is a hot topic for homeowners.

Homemade Squirrel Repellent

Because squirrels have a powerful sense of smell, it stands to reason that pungent odors repel them. Therefore, it’s possible to make DIY squirrel repellent to keep these pests at bay. Here are some homemade concoctions you can try to keep squirrels out of your property:

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Keep Squirrels away with Apple Cider Vinegar Spray

Without question, squirrels dislike the intense scent of vinegar. Although white vinegar is a good option as a pest repellent, apple cider vinegar works even better. Best of all, you can use vinegar both indoors and outdoors. Soak rags in a 50-50 mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. Place the rags near the windows and doors of your attic, basement, and barn. When a squirrel detects this powerful scent, it’ll look for another place to camp.

stones to deter squirrels

Foil Squirrels with Peppermint Essential Oil

While peppermint is a fragrance most people find pleasant, squirrels really dislike it. As a result, you can create squirrel repellent that isn’t noxious to you or your family. Simply soak cotton balls in peppermint essential oil and place them near windows, doors, and other potential entry spaces around your home. If squirrels are eating your plants and flowers, try making a peppermint essential oil spray. Dilute 15 drops of peppermint essential oil in 1 cup of water, then pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray the plant beds with this mix; it will not harm bushes, trees, vegetables, or flowers.


stones to deter squirrels

Hot Tea Makes Your Home Squirrel Free

Spicy scents drive away lots of pests, including squirrels. Fortunately, it’s easy to brew a spice tea that these pests detest. First, boil a quart of water in a pot. Then add one teaspoon of cayenne pepper, one teaspoon of paprika, and two chopped jalapeno peppers to the boiled water. Let the mixture simmer for 30 minutes, then remove the pot from the heat and cool the mixture. Once the mixture is cool, strain it into a spray bottle. Finally, spray the hot pepper spray around windows and doors—squirrels will treat these entryways like hot potatoes!

Other Forms of Squirrel Repellent

To supplement your squirrel repellent sprays, you can implement other pest prevention measures throughout your home and garden. As pest control professionals, OMNIS understands not only how squirrels behave but what they eat and how they infiltrate spaces. Subsequently, we have a few methods for squirrel-plagued property owners to try.

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Squirrels Don’t Like Dogs and Cats

For the most part, squirrels don’t like confrontation. Therefore, these creatures steer clear of homes with dogs and cats. As far as dogs are concerned, hound dogs and terriers are incredibly aggressive toward squirrels. Cats with powerful hunting instincts can also scare away squirrels with their terrific speed and tree-climbing ability.


Garden Nets Are Good Squirrel Repellent

If squirrels devour your garden, cover it with a net. Squirrels are clever animals that prefer food sources that are easy to access. So when you protect your vegetables with a simple net, these pests look elsewhere for food.

stones to deter squirrels

Surround Trees with Gravel

As pest control professionals, OMNIS technicians often see squirrels use trees as trapezes. These agile animals leap from branches onto a roof, then squeeze through gaps in windows and roofs. If you have squirrels in your attic, surround the base of your trees with gravel. Squirrels dislike the feel of stones beneath their feet and avoid such surfaces.

keep squirrels away from fruit tree with mulch

Put Lots of Mulch in Garden Beds

Remember that when it comes to food, squirrels seek easy pickings. Therefore, when you put lots of mulch down in your garden, it gets hard to access your flowers and vegetables. This simple type of squirrel repellent can save you lots of trouble and aggravation.

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Shiny Surfaces Serve as Squirrel Repellent

In addition to powerful scents, squirrels don’t like shiny surfaces. Therefore, it helps to cover any surface with lots of squirrel traffic with aluminum foil. The reflected light is a real turn-off to these pests.


Steel Mesh Stops Squirrels in Their Tracks

Because they are rodents, squirrels have powerful teeth that constantly grow. Consequently, squirrels chew through materials to keep their teeth in check. Soft materials like wood and aluminum can’t withstand the power of squirrel teeth. Cover any gaps and holes with steel mesh to keep these animals out of your property. 


Squirrel Repellent for Bird Feeders: WD-40

If you have a bird feeder, you probably get visits from lots of squirrels. Unfortunately, these natural acrobats love to gobble birdseed, even if it is meant for their feathered friends. To prevent this type of food theft, spray WD-40 on the surface of the feeder’s pole. Then, repeat the process every month, teaching squirrels to look for another place to feed. 


Ultrasonic Squirrel Control Devices

Along with their powerful sense of smell, squirrels also hear high-pitched sounds. As a result, ultrasonic squirrel control devices drive these pests away from your home. But, of course, the sounds these machines make can also disturb pets, so be careful when you install them in your home.

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Squirrel Traps, Then Exclusion Methods

Squirrels have a knack for home invasions. Often, they break into attic spaces because they are dark, quiet, and rarely disturbed by humans. Time and time again, OMNIS sees the extensive damage squirrels create when they reside in an attic. When you detect squirrel activity in your attic, placing wire traps in your attic space helps catch them humanely. As a result, it’s a good idea to use bait with pieces of fruit, nuts, or peanut butter. Once you capture the squirrel, release it outside and seal the entry space with steel mesh.

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When DIY Squirrel Repellent Doesn’t Work, Call Us

Squirrels are very good at infiltrating properties and gardens. When you have a stubborn squirrel problem that persists despite DIY repellents, call OMNIS. We’re pest control professionals who understand squirrel habits and willingly perform the dirty work. We’re happy to access crawl spaces and attics to rid your living space of squirrels. You will get pest-free peace of mind, which, as our customers affirm, is worth its weight in gold!