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Bat Control Tips

In the bat control tips section of the OMNIS blog, you can learn about bats and how to deal with them. Bats can be a nuisance and a threat to your health. Unfortunately, bats invade Colorado homeowners’ properties every year, especially during migration season in April and May. Read on to discover what you can do about the bats around your home or commercial property.

Bats Sleeping on Porch

Bats Sleeping on Porch

Bats sleeping on porch spaces have an unnerving effect on homeowners and require special care; here is what you need to know.

Bat Problems in Colorado

Bat Problems in Colorado

Bat problems occur during migratory periods, which typically occur between April and May each year. Call OMNIS at 720-583-4126 for removal.

Colorado Bat Problems

Since there are over 15 species, it’s no surprise that we have bat problems in Colorado. After all, bats can bite people. The injury feels terrible, but it could also come with a serious or deadly bonus. Since bats carry diseases like rabies and histoplasmosis, their bite can pack an even bigger punch.
However, besides the health risk, bats create a nuisance. Children and even some adults fear them. Also, they can make a mess on your property or damage your home. In our blog, you’ll find more information on bats’ habits and plenty of bat control tips. Furthermore, you can learn how to manage bat problems using DIY methods. If you don’t have success yourself, you can reach out to the bat control experts at OMNIS.

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Learn about Bats

You will find information about bats throughout the OMNIS blog’s bat control section. Learning about bats’ diet, habitat, and habits will help eliminate them. We describe how bats use echolocation to move and find food. You will better understand bats and how we serve you if you choose professional bat control services.

Bat Control Tips to Repel Bats

If the April-May migratory period is coming up, you might want to do some preventative pest control. If you know what repels bats, you could avoid having large numbers of bats on your property. Before April, you can set up ultrasonic devices, lights, or mirrors in spots where they might roost. Or, you can use a chemical repellant like naphthalene or natural bat repellents like peppermint.

On the other hand, if you already have a bat infestation, you probably can’t succeed with DIY bat control tips. In that case, your best course of action is to call us at OMNIS. To find out how we take care of significant bat problems, read our blog on What Repels Bats?


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Getting Rid of Bats

Are you looking for bat control tips for getting rid of bats? In reality, you may not get rid of all bats with common bat control tips and tactics. However, you might find that you can clear out a few bats. Our blog on getting rid of bats gives you instructions on minimizing roosting spots. We tell you how to eliminate food sources, use bat repellant, and set up decoys and bat control devices.
Of course, If you already have a large colony of bats, you will have more luck when you call the bat removal experts. OMNIS Pest Control’s team will get rid of or relocate bats away from your property. With our knowledge and experience, we handle your bat problems and instruct you on DIY bat control tips and prevention.

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Bat Control Devices

With the current state of technology, you might consider looking for high-tech bat control tips. If so, you may be interested in bat control devices. These devices sometimes prove effective in keeping bats away. In our OMNIS blog, you can find a list of seven bat control devices. We go over how they work, how to use them, and their effectiveness.
Still, even with the most modern methods, you may not be able to get bats away from your property on your own. In that case, the pros can help you. Our blog also covers how we remove bats and prepare your property for prevention.

Professional Bat Control Tips

Any time you see that your DIY bat control doesn’t solve your bat problem, you can call OMNIS. Our bat removal specialists practice humane pest control methods. For example, we remove bats by excluding them from your property. Thus, the bats are not destroyed but instead put in a place where they can fulfill their role in the ecosystem. In the meantime, we finish our work by cleaning up the guano, which can pass on diseases.
If you live in our service area near Castle Rock or Colorado Springs, OMNIS provides bat control services for you. Local bat control makes sense. After all, our team has extensive knowledge of the specific types of bats found in Colorado. We know where and how they live and the best ways to remove them. Call OMNIS today to get rid of bats and keep them away. When we complete your services, your property looks cleaner. You can live safely in your home and stop worrying about those frustrating bats. At OMNIS, we put your health and comfort first!

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