Wildlife Population Control

Wildlife population control is an issue of great concern throughout Colorado. Without a doubt, one of the state’s greatest attractions is its natural beauty. Although our beautiful skies, mountains, and greenery create a stunning effect, there are challenges involved with this terrain. Specifically, the intersection of people and wildlife requires efficient pest control service. And that’s where OMNIS is helpful.

As a pest control company with headquarters in Castle Rock, OMNIS has lots of experience with local wildlife species. While birds, rodents, raccoons, and reptiles are fine in the wild, they cause problems for property owners. Consequently, OMNIS makes it our business to know everything about local species. Because our technicians understand the way these creatures eat, breed, behave, and nest, customers enjoy pest-free living spaces.

Wildlife Population Control for Birds

Undoubtedly, the birdlife in Colorado is beautiful and diverse. With over 500 different species in the area, there are lots of feathered friends to admire. Unfortunately, these creatures cause real problems when they decide to nest your homes. In addition to the damage they cause to gutters, shingles, and siding, birds also spread disease. As far as wildlife is concerned, birds need to keep a healthy distance from your home.

sparrow keeps going into vent and pipes around house

How OMNIS Deals with Bird Infestations

Of course, it’s helpful and inexpensive to implement DIY bird deterrents in and around your home. However, when these fail to keep stubborn birds away it pays to call OMNIS. We’ll send a technician to perform the following services:

Property Inspection

We perform a thorough check of your home to identify nesting and roosting spots.

Species Identification

The technician identifies the species of bird in order to form an effective pest-control plan.

Pest Control Treatment

We employ environmentally friendly treatment methods to rid your home of birds. Additionally, technicians use humane traps to capture and remove birds from your home.

Preventative Measures

After technicians remove birds, nests, and droppings, we implement bird control devices to prevent future infestations.

Wildlife Population Control for Rodents

Certainly, rodents are pests that fill homeowners with dread. Whether your home has trouble with rats, mice, or squirrels, it’s critical to deter these disease-laden creatures from your living space. Not only do these destructive pests pose health risks to your family and pets, but they reproduce very rapidly. As a result, what starts as a small problem quickly escalates to a full-blown infestation within days. 

Let OMNIS Rid Your Home of Rodents

While you can set traps and put out poison to contain your rodent problem, these measures are often not enough to stop the infestation. Therefore, it helps to get expert help from a pest control company. OMNIS has the experience, tools, and knowledge to rid your home of rodents once and for all. The result is a happy, healthy home where your family and pets feel safe from scary, surprise visitors.

Raccoons, Bats, Gophers, and Other Mammals

Some mammals, like raccoons and bats, spread disease. Others, like gophers, are just plain destructive. Either way, you don’t want these creatures in close proximity to your home. When it comes to mammal infestations, it’s crucial to take the right approach to pest control. The habits of nocturnal mammals are radically different from those that are active during the day. Furthermore, each animal responds to distinct deterrents. That’s why it helps to call a pest control company to rid your property of problem mammals.

OMNIS not only understands exactly how to lure, trap, and deter different species of mammals but does so legally. In the state of Colorado, bats are protected from being killed, captured, or disturbed. Our technicians know how to handle bats in a humane way that satisfies animal protection laws. Therefore, calling OMNIS is a win-win for both you and the bats.

removing bats sleeping under roof keep them away

Wildlife Population Control for Reptiles

Undoubtedly, wild snakes are among the most disturbing reptiles to encounter in a home. Whether classified as dangerous or not, these creatures require special handling. As with bats, all nonvenomous snakes are protected species in the state of Colorado. That means these reptiles cannot be killed or injured during home removal.

rattlesnake under deck removing safely

Reptile Removal for Venomous Snakes

As for venomous snakes, we strongly advise you not to handle these creatures on your own. Instead, call a professional pest control company that has the necessary tools, knowledge, and equipment to safely dispatch this job. At OMNIS, we use snake removal tools that minimize the amount of contact necessary to capture these reptiles. These include:

Snake Tongs

Built with long handles, this snake removal tool allows technicians to remove dangerous snakes from a distance. Because tongs require precision, it’s easy for snakes to escape them. That’s why it’s critical to have a professional operate this tool.

Snake Hooks

Hooks are a good option for large, aggressive snakes. Since these tools immobilize striking snakes, they are a valuable addition to any pest control professional’s arsenal.

Snake Bags

Among the most humane ways to capture reptiles, snake bags are efficient tools. Of course, it helps to know how to use snake bags. Because OMNIS has bagged hundreds—if not thousands—of snakes, you can trust us to trap these creatures quickly and efficiently. Then, after the snake is secure in its bag, we take them far from your home and release them back to the wild, where they belong.

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Wildlife Population Control That’s Safe, Legal, and Thorough

As shown above, suburban Colorado is rich inwildlife. As charming and delightful as most animals are, they should be admired from a distance. When you are plagued with infestations from birds, rodents, mammals, or reptiles, don’t delay. Call OMNIS to cope with the problem in a safe way within the confines of the law. You save yourself hassle and danger and get pest-free peace of mind.