Large Area Mosquito Control

Colorado is home to more than 40 mosquito species. All of these species breed rapidly, meaning they can easily overpopulate a large area in just a matter of days. Without large area mosquito control measures, homeowners face extreme nuisances caused by mosquitos.

If you have a mosquito infestation taking root on your property, it is never too late to implement large area mosquito control. By working with OMNIS Pest Control to develop a pest control strategy, you can secure your outdoor property against these potentially harmful creatures!

About Mosquito Populations

Everyone in America is familiar with mosquitos, but few know important details like their life cycle, breeding habits, and preferred environments. Here is more information about each:


Preferred Environments

Mosquitos love wet surfaces. Therefore, any standing or stagnant water on your property attracts them in troves. The more water is present, the more mosquitos will spawn there.

This means any ponds, pools, or puddles can attract large populations of mosquitos in a very short period. If this happens on your property, implement large area mosquito control solutions in the warmer months.

mosquitos need water

Mosquito Life Cycles and Breeding Habits

Female mosquitos only lay eggs after consuming blood. If they have no access to blood, they do not have the nutrients needed to create offspring. On average, female mosquitos lay around 100 eggs in a single reproduction cycle.

They lay their eggs in water, and the eggs remain at the surface of the water for several weeks. The eggs will not hatch unless they are submerged. After hatching, the larvae consume microorganisms until they become pupa. This stage of their lives only lasts for a few days at most. If they survive the pupal stage, they transform into mosquitos. Surprisingly, adult mosquitos only live for a week or two.

Is Large Area Mosquito Control Necessary?

Absolutely. If you do not keep mosquito populations under control, they will continue propagating and pose a risk to your comfort and health. If you were unaware, mosquitos could consume the blood of animals that carry disease-causing microbes. When they sting you and draw your blood, the blood of those animals can mix into your system. This puts mosquito bite victims at risk of contracting dangerous diseases.

Some common mosquito-borne diseases include:

  • West Nile Virus
  • Zika Virus
  • Dengue Fever
  • Malaria

DIY Large Area Mosquito Control

You can perform your own large area mosquito control. Though, these methods rarely prove as effective as professionally done pest control. Still, it may be helpful to know what you can try on your own before calling OMNIS Pest Control!

group pf mosquitos need large area mosquito control by OMNIS

Destroy Mosquito Breeding Areas

As stated previously, mosquitos love moist areas where water is present. To eliminate them, the first step should be destroying their breeding sites. If you have a pond or pool, treat them using products that kill their eggs and larvae.

Many products include insecticides designed for this exact purpose. As you destroy the breeding areas, the population of mosquitos should eventually stagnate. It is also important to note that most mosquito insecticides are safe for use around people and pets. Though, some are not. Make sure you check before buying any of these products.

Install Foggers

Thousands of mosquitos can be present in a single yard. If you plan to use your outdoor space, foggers can effectively function as large area mosquito control temporarily. Foggers release a fog of insect repellant throughout the areas where you install them.

Mosquito foggers produce small particles of insecticide or repellant that floats throughout the area where they are used. These chemicals kill adult mosquitos, and if they are not killed, they should at least be driven away.

The benefit of foggers is that they catch mosquitos hiding in shady, covered areas, such as behind plants or other objects. If you direct the fog appropriately, you should notice that mosquitos are warded off quite easily. Though, this is not a permanent solution. For the best results, use foggers shortly before important outdoor events.

Apply Residual Sprays

If you have resilient mosquitos living in your yard, residual sprays can help lower their population as well. These sprays suppress mosquito activity for up to a month. To use them, you simply apply them to areas where mosquitos typically rest. For example, at the entrance to your home, on the side of your home, around areas with tall grass, and in resting areas near pools or ponds.

Residual sprays usually come with their own applicator, but you can also fashion your own applicator using a pump-type garden sprayer or aerosol spray can. It is important to note that these insecticide sprays do work, but you will often see better results when relying on a professional large area mosquito control provider to handle the application for you. Because they do this routinely, they should know precisely what problem areas need a spray and which don’t.

Professional Large Area Mosquito Control

Are you hesitant to enlist the help of trained mosquito control professionals? Don’t be. OMNIS Pest Control has been serving your areas for years and its team is confident that they can solve any variety of large-scale mosquito control issues. By engaging with our routine process for mosquito control, you can obtain satisfying results that make your outdoor areas perfect for recreation and relaxation.

Our process includes:

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An Inspection

The inspection is used to determine what the extent of your mosquito problem is. We look for areas of interest that include breeding sites and potential future breeding sites. Upon determining what the root cause of your infestation is, we come up with a strategy designed to cut the infestation off.

Once the inspection is complete, there is no obligation to engage with our services further. Though, we hope that you do choose to have us take care of your infestation before it gets out of hand!

Fortification and Treatment

Without treatment, mosquitos will continue to take root on your property. Through a large area mosquito control campaign, you can eliminate mosquitos and the eggs they lay. OMNIS Pest Control is driven to take all the necessary steps to keep these insects out. Whether it involves installing foggers, introducing insecticide to water sources, or anything else, you can trust us to implement the best solutions possible.

Ongoing Maintenance

After the initial treatment, you must take steps to keep the mosquitos away. You do have the option to implement maintenance solutions yourself, but a pest control provider will ensure that the job gets done correctly. To schedule regular maintenance, just speak to your large area mosquito control provider after treatment commences.

Schedule Large Area Mosquito Control

Don’t let the mosquitos win! If you want to enjoy your outdoor spaces this summer, schedule an appointment with OMNIS Pest Control immediately. Our team is equipped to perform skillful inspections of your property and implement lasting solutions to your infestation.