Home Mosquito Control Tips From Omnis Pest Control

With more than 40 species of mosquito in Colorado and their rapid breeding cycle, home mosquito control is essential to any household. Mosquitoes are a nuisance that will quickly ruin an enjoyable occasion and have people running indoors. They wreak havoc in many ways. A few of these include the annoyance of their buzzing and the itchiness of their bites.

Mosquitoes spread diseases such as West Nile Virus and Zika to humans. Pets are also at risk of getting mosquito-borne diseases as well. The most common is heartworm disease in dogs and cats. There are basic home mosquito control steps that help decrease the risk of infestation. Often preventing mosquitoes, and getting a current infestation under control, requires professional help.

Maintain and Remove Standing Water

A mosquito’s lifecycle begins in water. Therefore, an essential element of home mosquito control is removing water from areas that support breeding. Spaces prone to water accumulation should be monitored and addressed regularly. Examples of problem areas include old tires, birdbaths, planters, and trash containers. Remove stagnant water and wash containers weekly. Locate problem spots after rain occurs. Additionally, keep gutters clean to ensure proper drainage. These home mosquito control routines decrease mosquito breeding grounds.

The Use of Larvicides in Home Mosquito Control

Some water accumulation is inevitable or even desired. In the case of ornamental ponds and fountains, water movement aids in reducing mosquito reproduction. Adding a bubbler or waterfall creates water circulation as well as ambiance. When water movement or removal is not possible, larvicides can help prevent mosquito breeding. Larvicides are insecticides that target mosquito larva and pupae. They come in different forms and are an essential element of home mosquito control. Larvicides are useful in drainage ditches, empty pools, and low-lying areas prone to holding water after rain. When used correctly, they are a safe choice of home mosquito control for use around people, pets, and the environment.

What to Plant for Home Mosquito Control

Adding certain plants to landscaping and sitting areas is a natural way to aid in home mosquito control. Plants will not kill or disrupt mosquito breeding, but they may help keep them from invading outdoor spaces. The following are a few plants that are known to aid in repelling mosquitoes:

citronella candle home mosquito control


Citronella is a wonderful addition to any garden wishing to help reduce mosquito traffic. Its fragrance is usually associated with outdoor candles. Citronella is an annual plant that is drought tolerant.

cat eating catnip plus plant keeps mosquitos away


The same chemical, nepetalactone, that is enticing to cats repels mosquitoes. It is a perennial plant with white or purple flowers. Studies have shown it to be more effective than DEET. Use caution when planting as it spreads rapidly.

lavender keeps mosquitos away from house


Mosquitoes do not like the scent of lavender. With its strong fragrance and tall purple flowers, it is a great plant to aid in home mosquito control.

lemon balm plant in garden for mosquito control

Lemon Balm

Like most members of the mint family, mosquitoes dislike the smell of this citrusy plant. It is a fast-growing herb commonly used in teas.

Personal Mosquito Control

An essential part of home mosquito control is taking steps to ensure the mosquitoes that are present are less likely to bother you. A few simple steps to minimize the annoyance of mosquitoes while enjoying the outdoors is to cover up and wear mosquito repellents. Long sleeve shirts and pants limit access to exposed skin. This can decrease the number of mosquito bites. In addition, considering that mosquitoes are attracted to shade, light-colored clothing is less likely to attract them. There are many kinds of repellent available today. Choosing the appropriate repellent will depend on the outdoor activity, mosquito infestation level, and personal preference. Use all repellents as directed to ensure the best results and safe use.

keep away mosquitos with deet spray

Home Mosquito Control Tips for Outdoor Seating

Adding fans to outdoor areas is an effective way to keep air circulating. The breeze created makes it more difficult for mosquitoes to invade your space. Also, air circulation has the benefit of dispersing the carbon dioxide we exhale and lowering body temperature. Both of which are attractants to mosquitoes. Another home mosquito control idea is installing mosquito netting to covered decks and patios. Outdoor canopies often accommodate netting, creating enjoyable mosquito-free seating areas.

Indoor Home Mosquito Control

Home mosquito control is important indoors as well as outdoors. A mosquito in the house often causes as much irritation as one outside. Additionally, they are as likely to spread disease. Placing screens on windows and doors that open will block mosquitoes from entering. Monitor screens to ensure there are no rips or gaps that will allow unwanted pests into the home. Avoid leaving doors open longer than necessary, especially during dusk and evening hours. Mosquitoes can reproduce in areas that contain standing water. Empty and wash plant trays that collect water. Address any leaks that may occur under sinks and in basements. Flush rarely used drains regularly. These measures will aid indoor home mosquito control.

What OMNIS Can Do TO Control Mosquitoes

When it comes to getting on top of a mosquito issue, there is no better team to call than the OMNIS Pest Control crew. Our team has been tackling mosquito infestations in Colorado for over a decade. Our combined years of experience, premium pest control products, and industry-leading training have allowed us to learn the quickest and most effective way to control mosquitoes.

In2Care Mosquito prevention

OMNIS Pest Control offers the In2Care Mosquito Station, a highly effective solution to eliminate mosquitoes from your home or commercial property. The In2Care Mosquito Station is not available as a retail product and is exclusively designed and registered for professional use.

in2care mosquito system

In2Care technology

The In2Care InsecTech technology is a patented solution that is highly effective in transferring high doses of biocides to flying insects such as mosquitoes. This technology makes use of innovative mechanisms such as color choice, smell, and decoy to attract mosquitoes and eliminate them. The bioactive material used in the In2Care Mosquito Station is lethal to mosquitoes but safe for humans and pets.

The In2Care Mosquito Station can be used both indoors and outdoors and is highly effective in eliminating mosquitoes. By partnering with OMNIS Pest Control for In2Care Mosquito Stations, you can trust in the expertise and experience of professionals who are passionate about delivering reliable pest control solutions.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a proven solution to eliminate pesky mosquitoes from your home or commercial property, contact OMNIS Pest Control for In2Care Mosquito Stations. The In2Care InsecTech technology is safe, effective, and registered for professional use only – making it the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor mosquito control.

looking for mosquito bites

Professional Home Mosquito Control

While many measures assist in home mosquito control, professional assistance is often necessary to achieve the best results. When utilizing professional pest control services the adult mosquito population is targeted. This reduces the current infestation of biting and breeding mosquitoes. In addition, training and experience prevent future problems by pinpointing and addressing all areas of concern. Professionals at Omnis Pest Control are ready to help find and target problem areas and get you back outside and enjoying your yard. Contact Omnis Pest Control today to learn more about your options for mosquito and other pest control.